Love with Food ~ Deluxe Gluten-Free Box


Last month, Love With Food revealed that they were in the works of making a gluten-free box, and they asked me to help out by sharing it with all of you.  While I don’t suffer from gluten-related allergies, many of my friends have to be careful what they consume in fear of getting sick. The theme this month is “Fun at the County Fair,” showcasing healthier versions of traditional fair treats and eats.


Love With Food is only $10 (+ $2 shipping) for their regular box, $19.95 (free shipping) for the “Deluxe” box and $32 (free shipping) for this NEW Gluten Free box. Best of all Love With Food donates a meal to a person in need when you purchase a box.


Here’s a first look… Now, onto the goodies!


Cookie Mix by Jules Gluten Free – This is one heavy box of cookie mix and apparently enough to make 60 gluten-free cookies. You can add in your favorite additions like chocolate chips, oatmeal and raisins, m&m’s, candy bars and more!


Dang Toasted Coconut Chips – These are a repeat item, granted I’ve gotten them from a variety of different foodie and health subscription boxes. They’re pretty good, simple toasted coconut chips with a hint of sweetness. I’m looking into recipes to use them in rather than just snacking on.


Lundberg Family Farms Redwood Smoky BBQ Multigrain Chips – These GMO-free chips are made with natural ingredients and BBQ flavored. I haven’t had them yet, but they sound tasty.

Terra Sweets & Beets Real Vegetable Chips – These are amazing! Terra is one of my favorite chip brands ever since I was a little girl and would ask for the blue chips on Jet Blue flights. I really like that they expanded from different types/colors of potatoes and that this bag includes sweet potato chips and beet chips.


180 Degrees Nutty Rice Bites with Blueberries – These are AMAZING! At first, I was like.. hmm okay, they’re little granola bites. Oh, no they’re like rice cakes. And then, I was overwhelmed by the sweet fruit and cake flavors and tore through both packs!


Boulder Granola – Some people love granola… and I’m not one of those people. I only really like it if it’s super crispy/hard, sugary and sprinkled on yogurt, and this was a bit too soft and ‘earthy’ for me like eating oats and flaxseed straight up.


Ginnybakes Butter Crisp Love Ginnyminis – These sound cute, buttery sugar cookies, however I wasn’t much of a fan. Maybe because they’re hard or ‘too simple’ but they were not my style.

Apple Crisp Junobar – I’m really picky when it comes to protein and breakfast/snack bars. This one was a little softer than I usually pick but had a good apple cinnamon flavor.


Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops – These are vegan, gluten-free lollipops made with real fruit and veggie extracts. I liked that they included a variety of colors/flavors and while lollipops are not my first go-to snack, I’ll enjoy them!


Here’s the entire box! What did you think about it? My hits were the 180 Nutty Rice Bites (omg, definitely re-buying) and Terra Chips! My misses were the Boulder Granola and Ginny Bakes cookies. In general, I like that there were new brands/products included in the box, especially something like cookie mix which you can customize and bake yourself.

Sign up and get your first tasting box for free (just pay $2 shipping) when you use the promo code YUMMY or FBGIFT, and these codes should work to take $10 off the Deluxe Boxes.



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