Memebox Superbox #50 Anti-Aging 3


I was excited to see when I got an e-mail that Memebox was sending me another box to review! The Memebox Superbox Anti-Aging 3 was fairly heavy and packed to the brim with full size items! While I wasn’t as excited to get an anti-aging box (I’m 23) as one that was scented like sweets or fruit, they do say you should start using anti-aging products at around 25 years old. Plus, this box was on the higher-end side in both pricing and the quality of items included ($39 + Shipping for 5-6 full size and high-quality products!).


As usual, they included an information card, which was definitely needed for this box. Based on some of the containers, I wouldn’t have known what to do with them.


First we have Tosowoong Super BB Cream (50ml) which is a classic BB cream with SPF 15, smooth and even face coverage and a great base for makeup application. It goes on very light and actually is a bit paler than I am right now, so I will either need to apply in winter or mix it with my usual BB cream or foundation. I’m not huge on the scent, however I like how lightweight and simple this product is.


Next we have Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream (45ml) which is a light pale pink bottle of neck ‘tightening’ gel. It supposedly infuses youth and vitality into your neck area to avoid sagging and work with any already-sagging skin if you have it. I was a little confused by how it contains mushrooms but I believe the combination of fermented ingredients and lactic acid help to tighten skin. I do like the smell of it and will definitely be trying it out to see if it will tighten the skin by my neck to make my face look slimmer.


ProYou S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream (100g) is a big jar of wrinkle renewal cream for the face and body. It contains regenerative ingredients that support cell renewal and improve skin structure, smoothness and overall quality. I’m definitely interested in trying this peptide-packed cream for smoother, tighter and brighter skin!


Simply When Present Perfect Mask came in a 3 pack, which I was happy to see because I love face masks! This one is aimed toward reviving and firming aging, tired skin. Fingers crossed this is a good one, I’ll be trying it tonight!


Pro You Professional Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream (15g) is a product that is supposed to hydrate and hide fine lines near your eyes and lips. This formula is packed with peptides, sodium hyaluronate, macadamia seed and olive oil, shea butter and plant extracts. It plumps the skin, hydrating it, and hiding lines and wrinkles. It’s not a 100% cure but a good daily substitute.


I was confused and excited at the same time for Pro You Multi White and Wrinkle Ampoule Set (2ml x4). This is a day and night ampoule kit, which is a super concentrated serum set which comes in individual doses. One set is for whitening and brightening your skin, and the other is a wrinkle defense ampoule. I think I’m going to start using these solo and together and see how they work in comparison to other oils and serums. Definitely excited and intrigued for this!


Overall, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, as with almost any Memebox I order. I was really happy to see not only full-size products, but a lot of them, packed to the brim of the box! While I will definitely be using them all, I’m most excited to try the face masks, ampoule set and mushroom neck cream.

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