Wet Shave Club for Women!


If you’ve heard about Wet Shave Club for men, well now, there’s one for women! With all of the same great qualities as the mens box (see review here), this fairly new box contains all of the ingredients for a close, smooth and moisturizing shave.

 This $30 per month female-oriented box features the same kinds of products from their male box, but with a twist! Feminine scents, a new razor, and much more.


Each box includes an information card with shaving tips for the perfect nick-free, smooth and effortless shave!

This Wet Shave Club Safety Razor in Pink is a double edge safety razor can tackle all things, big and small. This safety razor will leave you with silky smooth skin, irritation-free. The handle lasts for years, all you need to do is replace the blades, such as with these Treet Double Edge Blades.


Strawberry Citrus Body Frosting is a sweet, smooth intense body lotion that is perfect for smoothing over post-shaven legs. It’s all natural and handmade, with products that are great for sensitive and irritated skin.


These Stirling Soap Co. Soap Slices in Strawberry Bubbly and Black Cherry smell amazing! Their size/shape is beneficial for using the lathering brush, and they’re a good sample size to see if you like the scents and quality. Definitely loving the smell and my soft legs!


Satin Tip The Purest Black Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush is made of 100% pure synthetic materials. The ultra soft ends, but firm bristles to make a great lather. It’s almost like a kabuki brush for your legs/for shaving!


Here’s the entire kit! I loved my first Wet Shave Club for Her box, with its mixture of familiar and new products. The safety razor was definitely scary when used the first time, but once you get the hang of it, and change blades as needed, it becomes much easier. The soaps and body frosting smelled great and gave a nice smoothing lather and post-shave moisture (idea borrowed at womenshairremovalinfo.com). 


What do you think of Wet Shave Club? Get your own by visiting them online here!


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