Code Red Crate ~ May 2015 ~ New Box Alert!


My Code Red Crate has arrived! This brand new “Time of the Month Box” is a deluxe subscription box that really aims to pamper and please you during that tough week each month. Filled with an array of snacks, teas, pampering and spa items, feminine items and gifts, this box covers every corner for between $10 and $30 per month, based on the level you choose.


My box is the “Code Red” which is the top level/deluxe box ($30), “made for women who deserve to be spoiled during that time of the month. It includes more then enough feminine products to get you through your week long cycle, delicious chocolates and other goodies to satisfy your cravings, pampering items to help you relax and unwind during the stressful time, plus a special gift and more,” as Code Red Crate shares on their website. If that’s out of your budget, no stress! You can get a snack-only box, or code yellow or orange boxes, which include slightly less for a more affordable monthly price.


The actual box packaging is very simple, arriving in a regular brown box without much labeling, but packed with red tissue paper and a Thank You card. I’d like to see it developed in future boxes, but for now, it works in welcoming the customer and providing them with products.


The back-side of the card lists all of the items included, plus they slipped in a cute list of the “Top 5 of May 2015” which are exercises and ideas to help keep you in shape and ward off PMS symptoms.


Here’s a closer look at the item card, listing all of the feminine/personal products, pampering items, food/drink items and some extra gifts! You can already tell that this box was packed to the brim…


Here’s the first look at everything once unpacked from the box. You can see there are 2 black-patterned bags, 1 red bag, 1 white bag with a funky face, as well as a few larger items like a drink, water bottle and fuzzy sleeve (that’s actually a cozy sock for aches and pains!)


The “Gift” Items in my box were this Bright Green Plastic Water Bottle and a Cozy Sleeve Reusable Heat Pillow, used for stress relief and aiding muscles and joint pains. The water bottle is nothing fancy, but will come in handy for going to the gym or carrying to work to make sure I have cold water with me. The Cozy Sleeve is awesome! I’ve seen a few things like this before, but never owned one. I am very excited to be able to heat it up simply in the microwave and use if I’m not feeling great during my TOM or after a rough workout.


Here are all the necessities! They definitely included more than enough tampons, pantyliners, disposible baggies and wipes, plus a few advils for when needed. It’s a definite perk that they let you choose what brands and items you like (i.e. Playtex vs Tampax or tampons vs. pads) to help cater the box to your needs. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the bag it came in, because it ripped in transit and was flimsy. I would recommend matching it with the other black and clear bags that hold the snacks!


Let’s talk about snacks! Is this box a TOM box or a food subscription box!? Just kidding. I was excited to see how many items they send. While the Vitamin Water seemed a bit random (maybe to regain electrolytes you lose?), I loved the mixture of snacks such as Brownie Brittle, Lays Baked Chips, Milano Cookies, and more! Some items reminded me of childhood, like the Handi Snacks Pretzels and Cheese Dip and Strawberry Fruity Snacks, and I was more than happy to taste test the chocolate candies like Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares and Baron Chocolate Truffles and the sour snacks like Sour Punch Straws! There were a handful of other snacks as well, all shown in the pictures here, but way too many to list them all, haha!


Now, onto the pampering!


I was excited to see these bath and body items, most by Pamper Me Spa (PMS, get it!?) including Body Lotion, Bath Salts and Bath Bomb. Code Red Crate also included a small pink tea light candle and a set of hair ties too. I LOVE bath bombs and bath salts, so I am looking forward to using them in a long hot bath with a glass of wine when I need to destress. While I’d rather have more “spa” items in place of the candle, I do like the color scheme going on.


Here’s a closer look at the items!

So, what’s the verdict?

Pros: You’re getting a whole lot of stuff! This box was packed to the brim with delicious snacks (my favorite was definitely the brownie brittle), spa items like bath salts and bombs, plus the necessary personal items like tampons, pads, wipes and more. You definitely won’t run out any time soon, and even if this deluxe Code Red Crate isn’t in your price range, you can always opt for one of the slightly smaller and less expensive boxes like the Code Yellow or Code Orange.

Comments: The packaging is not as developed as the “fancy” subscription boxes yet, that have customized reusable boxes and whatnot. It would be nice to see a branded box developed, with a logo, stock-card information card, etc, to help really make a mark on the subscription box community and make the box stand out against competitors.

All in all, this was a great first box for Code Red Crate and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a box focused on your time of the month, pampering and/or snacks! It really hits all the targets on the head in that aspect.

Interested in your own Code Red Crate? Click here now to sign up and receive the June Box!


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