New York City Girl

New York City Girl
Living in Manhattan comes with a lot of fashion expectations and questions: Is it like Sex & The City? Do you wear heels all day long? How do you afford designer clothes when the rent is through the roof? Neutrals or prints?
The truth is: it’s all about keeping the designs simples, mixing up the brands and styles to stay within budget, and adding your own flare and personality to any look. Adding just 1 high-end piece of clothing or accessory can completely glamorize a typical day-to-day affordable outfit. Or better yet, an accessory that looks high-end but fits within your budget. Sometimes even tailoring is the answer to making an item flatter your silhouette better and look pricier. Some of my favorite new purchases have come from H&M, Forever21 and Zara, yet I’m constantly getting complimented on them as if they were a high-end label.
By matching up a pair of skinny jeans with a peplum top or blouse with a pair of bright heels, you get that “pop” of color and style. By adding some arm candy with bangles and bracelets, you add glamour and that “high-end” feel. But best of all, being a New York City Girl means no fashion or style is out of reach. Whether you’re following a trend or starting your own, the city welcomes you with open arms.

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