The Love/Hate Relationship


An Ode to Manhattan in the Summer

It’s been quite the Summer so far, laced with work travel and events, an endless obsession with lobster rolls and rooftop bars and confusion as to where all the native New Yorkers have gone, and why tourists are taking over. Oh that’s right, everyone is headed out to the Hamptons, to Montauk, to Long Island, or the Jersey Shore. Everyone is trying to “escape” the overheated concrete jungle that we call Manhattan, the place we love to hate, but love to brag about to our friends. And the tourists seem to think August is a great time to visit the scorching volcano that is the city. I understand– it’s a quiet time when you can get away with your family, visit the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, South Street Seaport and more–but it’s also the time where you get ready in the morning in an air-conditioned apartment, only to step out into a 104 degree subway station, wipe sweat off your forehead and just hope you don’t look as bad as you think you do. Have you tried to sneak wearing sundresses in the office, because you couldn’t bare to wear pants or long-sleeves? Opt for flip-flops even though the bottom of your feet will end up black by the end of the day? Yeah, me too. Ordering groceries to be delivered because it’s too much of a hassle to walk back carrying heavy plastic grocery bags in this weather? Simply given up on trying to have straight hair (hello mousse and surf spray, goodbye irons!)… yeah, I’m right there with you, buns are your friend. However, it’s also been the best time to try out new foods and drinks with the array of vendors at Broadway Bites and Smorgasburg. Margaritas? Yeah, they’re acceptable any day of the week in the summer. It’s actually recommended to have multiples because they’re icy and slushy and clearly refreshing. You can even drink them on rooftops, whether it’s a hotel roof or your friends FiDi apartment roof. The Frying Pan and Boat Basin are open! Food and drinks on the water? Obviously that’s a great idea, I’ll take another round. Picnic in the park? Why not! There’s a handful of parks to pick from, and after you’re done laying out eating sandwiches, you’ll end up entwined in a competitive game of frisbee or snuggling dogs at the dog park to top off the day.  Like music or theatre? There are about a hundred different music festivals and events throughout the entire city, from Governer’s Ball and Jazz Age Lawn Party to Shakespeare in the Park and free outdoor movies all over the city. The opportunities are not only exciting, but endless, and always popping up… So what was I saying about Manhattan in the Summer? Are you sure you still want to take the jitney this weekend? Because I think it’s worth experiencing, whether it’s for a day or if you live here year round. Kenzie

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