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I was recently sent Wet Shave Club’s (Fine Men’s Shaving) Introductory Kit, and I have to say, my boyfriend Kevin and I were floored by how great the quality of the products were! From my subscription box reviewing POV and his shaving/beard product experience, we were able to really evaluate this box and share our combined views on the products and service. This shaving kit runs for $29 per month (cheaper if you sign up for multiple months at once) and shipping is included. If you live in Canada or other regions outside of the US, they will send it to you for an additional fee. This is a reoccurring service, so each month you get charged and this box arrives at your doorstep with slightly different items.


The packaging is great: a simple brown box with the logo across the front and sides, with information cards inside and some packing shreds. I really like how the box and information cards have a western feel to them, with the font, ribbon logo, etc..


One of the cards included “10 Easy Steps to an Awesome Wet Shave,” which is perfect for any beginner or to refresh a seasoned shaver.


Your first box comes with a premium Wet Shave Club double edge razor. The razor is lightweight but efficient, as it has a classic removable head that is super simple to use and leaves you with a smooth, clean shave.


The Trig Razor Blades are sharp and effective, simply enough. It’s very easy to change the blades in the blade handle, and the leather covering is helpful for protecting the blade between shaves.


Your first box also comes with a Boar Brush to lather on shaving soap. The shaving brush is a nice starter brush and they do send additional brushes later in your subscription in so you can test out different types and see which is the best fit for you.

Each box comes with premium soap samples and no two months are the same. In my introductory kit, I got Ellington’s The Gentleman’s Shaving Soap, which came in a small plastic black bowl, and you peel off the label to begin using it. It’s made of natural shea butter with essential oils, that has a classic masculine spice with woodsy musk undertones and hint of floral and citrus. K said that the soap lathers really well and smells great!


They also send you an “extra” item, which can include aftershaves, preshaves, creams, exfoliants, lip balms, etc. They threw in this Local Gent Shaving Co Eucalyptus Mint After Shave Lotion which K said smells fantastic and soothes the skin quite well. It seemed small, but you only need a small amount each time you use it.


All in all, I believe this is a great men’s grooming box! With the combination of a lightweight but trusty razor handle, sharp razor blades, foaming shave cream, smooth boar bristle brush and creamy after shave, Wet Shave Club has everything that you need for a smooth clean fresh shave or cleaned up beard, neck and face.


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