What’s on my…. St. Patrick’s Day!

What’s on my mind:

This is quite a mix of feelings and thoughts: First off: Sleep. I “attempted” to go to bed early last night, but somehow got sucked into watching three episodes of Chicago Fire and went to bed even later than usual! Now, I’m feeling it as I guzzle down my second cup of coffee and kick myself to stay awake.


Also: Wishing I was drinking green beer and doing nonsensical things like when I was in college. We would wake up early and get decked out in green clothing and start drinking ASAP. Unless, you had an evil teacher who had a test scheduled for that day, and then as soon as the test was over, the partying began!

What’s in my stomach:


Green bagels!!!!!! Personally, I try not to eat bagels or eat sandwiches or anything too high in carbs and fats on a normal basis, but there’s just something about a green bagel that makes it taste even better.

What’s happening on the blog: 


I just posted on my favorite new easter-egg pastel colored handbags and satchels! With designers such as Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and more, you’re sure to love one of the springtime shades and styles. View it here!

The rest of the week will include subscription box reviews and some beauty products I can’t get enough of!

Plus: Do you love Giveaways?  Check out all my PijonBox Giveaway here!

What I’m loving:


This St. Patty’s Day PUG!


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