Co-Ed Supply ~ March


My March Co-Ed Supply Big Orange Box has been delivered! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve always wished I had these delivered to me while I was away at college. This college subscription care package Co-Ed Supply Classic Box ($20) has 7-9 products, and is customized for either male or female. Each box is filled with food, cosmetics, skin care and dorm/class-themed products. Plus, if you’re allergic to anything (gluten, nuts, etc) they can try to work around it! You can see a previous review here.


The Co-Ed Supply March 2014 theme is “Spring into Action,” and the information card shows all the products included, approximate pricing and details about all of them.


This 4-pack of Knorks is set of forks and a knives all in one! I’m not sure they’re as heavy duty as a real knife, but when you need to cut up a piece of chicken, potato or veggie into a smaller bite, they can come in handy. I definitely could have used these at school, and might stash them in my work desk for lunchtime!


For those worried about gluten, these are gluten-free! Personally, it doesn’t matter and I love different chex mixes and dried salty, cheddar snacks. This El’s Medley’s Original Zesty Mix has corn nuts, pretzels, and flax chips, all coated in a cheddar-like flavor, so… I’m sold!


It was hard to get a good picture of this Kikkerland Owl Laundry Bag, but I’m in love! For those of you who know me personally, you’ve seen my gigantic hot pink owl phone case, so this one was definitely a win. I usually opt for a pop-up hamper (easier to throw my clothes into and move around) but I will definitely be using this one too!


This vegan, gluten-free Two Degrees Bar is created with dried apples, pecans and grains like quinoa, chia and millet, all combined to taste like a healthy apple crumble. Best of all, besides the taste and health benefits, is that Two Degrees gives back to hungry children across the world. Every bar purchased means a meal for a child in need!


I’ve actually tried these Urgent RX Relief to Go Packets before, and they’re perfect when you’re in a place where you don’t have a bottle of water to wash down a pill. The powder formula is simply dissolved on your tongue and kicks in like any other medicine. This one is Headache Relief in Lemon-Lime, however they make various types like aspirin, heart burn, allergy, stomach pain and more. I wish they included more than one!


This Salba Chia Boost Whole Seed packet is simply… whole, beneficial chia seeds! They are packed with fiber, Omega-3′s, antioxidants and more. I personally use them to make chia seed jelly (combining pureed fresh fruit with chia seeds, which swell up and turn the liquid mix into a jelly) or chia seed pudding (by mixing milk, cocoa powder, sweetener, extract and chia seeds to create a milky mixture, and the seeds swell up to thicken it, like a rice pudding).


These nut free, gluten free, whole grain Chocolate Chip Home Free Cookies are delicious! They are a bit crunchier than I often go for, but serve as a healthier alternative to chocolate chip cookies like Chips Ahoy and Bakery cookies.


Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is a long-lasting deodorant with a mild scent and is the perfect size to throw in your handbag or luggage.


I have to admit, I’m impressed with this box and the variety and quality of products. I think the owl laundry bag is super cute, and the snacks all fairly healthy and appropriate. I would like to have seen more than one of the Urgent RX packets (perhaps for a different use), but all in all, give this a thumbs up. What do you think about Co-Ed Supply? Sign up now by using this link and then enter FRIEND10 to save $10.00 on your subscription!


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