Candy Kid Munch Pack ~ February


My Candy Kid Munch Pack has arrived! If you remember, I recently wrote up a post all about this new candy-crazed company (see here) and now I finally got the explore my own. I love the cute school-themed logo and thought they used a nice sturdy box to send everything in.


Here’s the first look into my Candy Kid Munch Pack. I moved the items around a bit to get a view of all of them. Plus, there is that special little surprise orange Munch Bag that I couldn’t wait to explore! As you can see, there is quite the variety of items.. however there is no information card. I definitely would recommend including one for future boxes, especially for the less-labeled items like the lollipops.


First up, we have this Nintendo Mario 1 Up Mushroom Sour Apple Candy Tin! It is seriously adorable… the green mushroom cap is the top of the container, and simply twists off to reveal these little sour gems. Definitely a good, classic gift for someone who likes video games!


Next, and possibly in reference to Valentine’s Day, we have this purple Sweetarts Candy Rolls Heart. Sweetarts remind me of being in elementary school and either getting them in my Valentine’s Mailbox or while trick-or-treating at Halloween.


Next, I got these interesting shaped lollipops..  I have yet to taste them (got too full sampling all the other items) and I was a little nervous because these are Fish Head and Underwear Shaped Lollipops! I ruled out that they were chocolate, based on the feel of the fish head, and can only hope they are sweet and fruity tasting! Definitely a good gag gift for someone or an item a young boy would love. I just wish there was some label or information about the company that produced them or the flavors.


Jet is simply a milk chocolate bar! This Colombian exported treat tastes a little bit different than a regular American/English chocolate bar, but is just as delicious.


This Bon Bon Bum is also a Colombian treat, a fruity strawberry lollipop, similar to a Blow Pop, filled with bubble gum!


If you haven’t had this before, you’ve missed out on your childhood! This is simply a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum, containing 5 sticks in a Caribbean-Citrus blend fruity flavor. They don’t last very long, but they taste pretty good and remind me of being a kid!


Now & Laters were one of my favorite candies, however they were impossible to eat! They were rock solid and felt as if I would crack my teeth eating them, so I would sit and and suck on one for what seemed like 20 minutes until it became more Starburst-like in texture. However, they have now made them easier to chew!!! Score!


Angell Crisp is a combination of smooth, creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice. Made with Fair Trade Chocolate and organic ingredients, it’s a new-age chocolate candy bar! I noticed they make other flavors of this bar like with coconut, dark chocolate and almonds and definitely want to try them in the future.


At first, I was like… what!?… but then I realized, it’s Cotton Candy!!! And blue, the best one! I’ve never bought or consumed it when it wasn’t fresh on a stick or in a circus-themed container, but it tastes just as good. My plan is to eat some of it just as it is, and to put some in a cocktail glass and pour cocktail of vodka and fruit juice over it to create a cool, sweet custom drink.


Now.. onto the mystery orange bag. Each Munch Box includes a “Munch Bag” filled with scoops of their loose candies.


I apologize for the slight glare from my camera and the lighting, but inside the Munch Bag was a plastic bag FILLED WITH AMAZING LOOSE CANDY! Everything from sour patch kids and gummy beads to pixie sticks and sweedish fish. There were even some oldies like Sugar Babies and some of my favorite sour peaches and watermelons. If I had to estimate, there were 2-4 of each item included.

K and I both enjoyed eating this while we watched TV one evening, the mix of sour, fruity, chocolatey and sweet all worked together very well. The only possible downside I see, which my mom actually pointed out, is that it is a bag of loose candy, which we didn’t see being packed, and so many moms may have an issue with giving this candy to their kids. Just like the whole scenario with Halloween “If it’s not wrapped, don’t eat it!” Personally, it looked good and safe.. and tasted delicious, and I’m still breathing, so I’m okay with it and recommend it.


All in all, I was very happy with my first Candy Kid Munch Pack! I like that they had a great variety: some chocolate items, some gummy, some fruity, some sour, and especially the unique and hard-to-find items. My favorite items were the Now & Laters, Mushroom Candy Tin and the Munch Bag of assorted candies! I would love to see an information card (either included, or virtual) so I can figure out the flavors of the items, and also if I was interested in re-ordering them.

What do you think about the Candy Kid Munch Pack!? Interested in ordering your own? Do so here for only $25 per month, or if you only want the loose, assorted candy, you can get a Munch bag for $9.95. And tell them Mackenzie of Stylish in Suburbia sent you! 🙂



*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes

10 thoughts on “Candy Kid Munch Pack ~ February

  1. Oh my goodness this box is so much fun! I would have to hide everything from my kid. Please tell me that they suckers tasted ok – the fish head one would cause me a little hesitation. 🙂

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