New Subscription Box & Promo Code ~ Candy Kid Munch Box

Hi all! So I have a great new candy subscription box called The Munch Box by Candy Kid for you to check out! I’ll be getting one to review later on this month/for February, but first wanted to update you about what it’s all about. PLUS, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see a PROMO CODE good for use on any subscription! They “searched up, down, sideways, front ways, and back ways for new, fun, foreign, and old time classic candies to put in our MUNCH BOX for you to enjoy every month.”


To break it down, The Candy Kid Munch Box is a monthly surprise candy subscription box filled with candies that are funny, foreign, healthy, classic, and new. Delivered right to your door for your sweet tooth to munch into!


What’s Inside? Well, it’s a surprise, but they did let me know that it would feature  5-7 candy items such as:

The Geek: fun novelty candy anything from pop culture to geek themes.
Health Nut: candy that is made with all natural ingredients and gluten free.
Newbie: candies from independent candy makers and/or bakers with products that have been in market for less than 2 years, from time to time we’ll also feature new candy from some of the big names.
Foreign Exchange: candies from all over the world anywhere from Mexico to Japan. Let Candy Kid take your taste buds on a sweet tour!
Old School: some of your old time classic favorites to bring out the childhood memories!


PLUS: Also included is their Munch Bag, a bag which contains 1 serving of every bulk candy item in their current collection (collection grows and changes every month) … aka so much candy you’ll think Mr. Wonka delivered the box himself!


Not sure if you want to go all out on the Munch Box? You can buy just the MunchBag for $9.95 per month and if you’d like to receive two bags a month its ONLY $7.99 a bag both plans billed monthly.


So, now that I’ve sold you (or at least your taste buds) on the sugary goodness, you can sign up for your own reoccurring subscription of $25 per month (or less if you sign up for multiple months) by clicking here. BEST OF ALL: I have a promo code STYLSUB10 for 10% off any subscription! First boxes ship out February 7th!


Plus, stay tuned, as I’ll have a review up soon!

xo, Kenzie

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