Candy Kid Co. ~ March Munch Pack


My March Candy Kid Munch Pack has arrived and let me tell you, it was packed with a nice array of snacks and candies! This monthly subscription box delivers a great range of items from sweet to sour and includes childhood favorites, plus items you may not have tried before or are hard to find. Best of all, I have a promo code for you to get 10% off with STYLSUB10! 


Here’s the first look into the box, and something new! Do I spy a cookie? More like gigantic cookie..


First up, we have Wondermade S’mores Marshmallows, which are gourmet marshmallows, with flavoring of chocolate and graham cracker. They taste great and can be put in hot cocoa, in between graham crackers and chocolate for a super s’mores snack, or just as is.


This next item is way too funny.. it’s a Sour Flush Candy Plunger, every little boys dream candy! The two green apple plunger lollipops can be dipped into the sour powder toilet bowl, similar to a fun dip! I do feel funny since it’s shaped like a plunger and toilet bowl, but it tastes as good as any other sour candy.


This Lenny & Larry’s Complete Chocolate Chip Cookie is phenomenal! Seriously, too good for words, and it’s high in protein and it’s vegan too (no eggs, no dairy)! Highly recommend this to any cookie lovers.


Zotz are little hard candies in different flavors like lemon and grape! They’re perfect to toss into your bag or pocket when you want a sweet and/or sour candy.


Crunchie is a chocolate-covered honeycomb bar, which I believe is from England! This candy has a unique flavor due to the honeycomb, and is crunchy and crispy like a twix or rice krispie-like snack, all covered in milk chocolate.


Now, my favorite part of the Munch Pack…. the assorted candy Munch Bag!!! This plastic bag is filled with a variety of the best gummies, sour gummies, hard candies and other sweets and treats. It reminds me of going to FAO Schwartz or Dylan’s Candy Bar and filling up a bag and then weighing it, and eating it all on the way home.


Here’s a close-up of the Munch Bag, filled with candies like sour patch kids, sour watermelons, peach rings, a giant gummy shark, gummy bears, tootsie rolls and more! Plus, they are now sealing the bags to ensure freshness and cleanliness, so even the most conservative parent will commend them.


All in all, I am loving my March Candy Kid Munch Pack! The variety flavors–chocolatey, sour, sweet and items–cookies, candies, marshmallows–all make this box  work as a unique and yummy subscription box. My favorites this month have to be the Complete Cookie, Wondermade S’more Marshmallows and Assorted Gummy Munch Bag.

What do you think about the Candy Kid Munch Pack? Check out last month’s box here to get another look at what comes inside. Sign up for your own here, and use promo code STYLSUB10 for 10% off!


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