Romantic Decor: Powder Blue, White & Taupe

Romantic Decor: Powder Blue, White & Taupe

Blue light

Edie Rose serveware

Wooden storage box
$33 –

Flower throw pillow

Zig zag throw pillow

Linen throw pillow

Bamboo home decor

Floral home decor

White home decor

$67 –

Lafco candle

Lately, I’ve developed a new-found adoration for re-decorating my room.. I tend to move things around, re-organize and think of ways to incorporate new patterns and designs. And so, I’ve been thinking of how Spring is coming up shortly and the phenomenal soft colors that have been emerging in both fashion and interior design.

Thus, I’ve put together a collage containing all my favorite items for a soft, serene powder blue-based room, with accents and balancing notes of white, beige, taupe and tan. In styles that are trendy enough for the chic every-changing fashionista to a more calm and day-to-day businesswoman, this combination is sure to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, whether you choose to redecorate your bedroom or living room.

Forget about that tacky beachy blue and tan sand with seashell prints… this collection is so effortlessly chic with just the perfect hint of modern. Love throw pillows? Mix up your fabrics by opting for a zig-zag chevron pillow next to a shag pillow or perhaps one covered in soft, natural fabric roses. These adorable glossy white ceramic owls are inspired by the Japanese folk tale of the three wise monkeys, reminding us to be of good mind, action and speech. And these wooden colored boxes not only look cute sitting on a shelf or under your coffee table, but are actually useful for storage!


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