Goodies Co. Taster Box ~ August


So I must have either forgotten that I ordered this Goodies Co. Taster Box, or they just sent me one (who knows!?) but anyway I was really excited and surprised when it arrived. For me, this is a new box and although I had seen some reviews, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect.


So first up was a bottle of Ojo Fortified Eye Care Nectar. Ojo Fortified Nectar is made up of vitamins and elements that are supposed to help you focus and better your eyesight. With all the vitamin waters out there, this one is pretty interesting! The flavor sounds good and so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it. I’ll let you know if I think my eyesight is better 😉


Bigs Sunflower Seeds are a pack of none other than… sunflower seeds! These ones are ranch flavored, which is funny because I got a similar item in my Nature Box except they were shelled. I love these because they remind me of going to my brothers baseball games when I was younger.


Poplets Toasted Corn Centers are an interesting concept. They’re an in-between of popcorn and a nut, in a buttery sea salt flavor. I would definitely toss them with some other items to make a trail mix.


Tangy Zangy Twisties are none other than sour fruit candies! I’m not a huge candy person, but when I do opt for it, I always lean toward sour gummie worms or sour patch kids so I have a feeling I will like these…


This item is one I’m most excited about in my package! It’s called Pronto! Personal Liquid Coffee Brewstick. In Cool Café Blues flavor, you’re supposed to mix it up with either hot or cold water to make hot coffee/iced coffee. I’m a fan of Starbucks VIA sticks and other to-go items, so this is awesome. You can really make it anywhere you have a cup and water.


Naturals Garden Veggie Chips only have one word to describe them: delicious. I love getting the veggie sticks from Trader Joes, and I have to say, these may be better than those. In a crunchy ruffled chip, these come in potato, carrot and spinach and I found myself eating the entire bag without realizing it.


So, for this being my first ever Goodies Co. Box, I was pretty pleased. The box was very cool, with all the items laid out well, and the drink separated so it wouldn’t crush the chips. For $7 per month/box, I think I would try it again. I’m a little bit skeptical (well, more like jealous) because various other boxes I saw this month has a giant chocolate chip cookie box mix, whereas I had a vitamin water, but for healthy purposes, it was probably for the best.

I really like that you can skip up to 3 months, so if you’re going away on vacation or just need to watch your spending, you can skip it. I actually have a promo code for a Goodies Kids box, so I will let you know how that one turns out when I order it!

xo, Kenzie

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