JackedPack ~ August


JackedPack was my first fitness subscription box, and still remains up there in the favorite ranks! Although I had to downsize from the Custom Box ($30) and go back to the Heavyweight ($15), I’m pretty happy with their box each month.


As usual, my little black box arrives, and I eagerly slice through the tape to get it open. Unfortunately… I had a bit of a spillage in this box. My pre and post-workout Badass Stack ripped on the seams and spilled onto the other packages. Luckily the entire thing didn’t spill out, but it did ‘candy coat’ my other samples in sticky residue.


So I bandaged it up so that I would be able to save it for future use. I am excited about this Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Badass Stack, because sometimes I feel as though products are made to work in unison. May be all in my head, but hey, people on placebo pill diets still believe and lose weight!


So before I get too involved with all the products, I just wanted to show you the information guide included each month. This months shows the different products, along with their uses and pricing on jackedpack.com


Next up is AR-5, an amino acid energy pumping formula. It reminds me of if you combine BCAAs and pre-workout as it gives you energy while also fulfilling your BCAA/amino acids.

PumpX is a Nitric Oxide formula that similarly to AR-5 gives you energy, but this is focused on stimulating your muscles and increasing blood flow so that you get a good weight-lifting workout.


Next up is Beast Mode, a pre-workout formula by Beast Nutrition (a re-occuring brand with JackedPack that has a great rep!) With a yummy-sounding pink lemonade flavor, I will definitely be testing it out soon and hope it gives me the energy and boost I need.

Next to that is JetMass, a german creatine product. I’ve never heard of it before (this product, not creatine) but apparently it’s supposed to be a muscle volumizer and helps with recovery as well.


Then we have Myofusion Elite Peanut Butter Cookie Dough protein powder. I made a shake using this, greek yogurt, almond milk and some extra peanut butter and it was awesome! 25 g. of protein and low sugar/carbs…. in a cookie dough flavor!? What’s not to like?


Eat Green Tea was in two of my previous boxes and I’m not 100% into the product, but it is a pretty good concept. It really needs to be mixed into whatever food you add it to.

The Beta Alanine Extreme is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help in multiple ways: endurance, energy and recovery. It’s supposed to push you to do well by feeding your muscles and reducing fatigue.


Here’s the whole set of products! I was really happy with the Myofusion Protein Powder, and a chance to try out some more pre-workout and recovery formulas. JackedPack had great customer service as well when I explained about the damage and they credited me back $5 which made me feel a bit better.


Interested in JackedPack? Sign up using my link and get your first JackedPack “Heavyweight” Box for FREE (normally $14.50, just pay small shipping fee), a “Custom” Pack for half price (normally $29.50) by using code CUSTOMDEAL or 50% off their biggest pack using 50OFFXXL (normally $49.50)

xo, Kenzie

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