Coed Supply ~ April

I have enjoyed my last few Co-Ed Supply Big Orange Boxes (see past reviews here), as they always have a great variety of snacks, skincare items and college/dorm decor, and so I was very excited to see this on my … Continue reading

Vegan Cuts Snack Box ~ September

First off, gotta love priority mail.. I received a shipping notification that my Vegan Cuts Snack Box was on the way, and then poof! It was there the next day. Vegan Cuts is an natural, organic, VEGAN (just in case … Continue reading

Goodies Co. Taster Box ~ August

So I must have either forgotten that I ordered this Goodies Co. Taster Box, or they just sent me one (who knows!?) but anyway I was really excited and surprised when it arrived. For me, this is a new box … Continue reading