Vegan Cuts Snack Box ~ September


First off, gotta love priority mail.. I received a shipping notification that my Vegan Cuts Snack Box was on the way, and then poof! It was there the next day. Vegan Cuts is an natural, organic, VEGAN (just in case the name didn’t give it away…) box that comes in two options: food and beauty. While I would also love to get the beauty box (hint hint), I was more than excited to get the snack box, as I had seen some great products and reviews in previous months.


For $19.95 per month (same price for both box options), they will send you a brown box filled to the brim with some of the latest and most delicious items they can find. They promise 7-10 items, some even being gluten-free, and many of them are full-size too!


I must have lucked out with my timing because I received their 1st Anniversary Box, which had a celebratory party theme with streamers, balloons, etc. For those who don’t know- most companies often add a little extra oomph when it’s a special box like an anniversary or celeb- curated box.


So, I flipped my card over and began to check out all the items included. Everything looked and sounded good so far, and the majority were brands I hadn’t heard of before. The only difference was one item Teechia, a cereal-like product, was swapped instead for a little pack of chocolate chili nuts. What was also helpful, was that they included some info cards specifically from the brands/about the products so it gave you more information, and details on ingredients and how to purchase.


So, here’s my first look into the box at the products! Want the details? Here we go…


I was beyond excited for this product, not only because it was a delicious bag of Kiwa vegetable chips, a combination of sweet potato, beets, parsnips and plantains, but also because of the size of it! This was a full-size product, weighing in at 7 oz, which must cost at least $3-4 to buy in a store. Just from this item, I had a good feeling about this box.


Next up is a package of Barnanas, a potassium and fiber rich, gluten-free bag of ‘chewy banana bites’. On the front, it says ‘browning is natural,’ so when you open up the bag to see these little chewy brown nuggets, that you know they haven’t gone bad. While I like the packaging, the actual product does turn me off a bit as it doesn’t look very appetizing. However, if you like bananas (fresh, dried, flavored in things), you will most likely enjoy these.


Now this had to be the most unique product of all… Meatless Select Fishless Tuna. So my question is: well, what is it made of then? Apparently it’s a soy-complex, that is created to flake and take on the texture of tuna, as well as promote a similar taste. I’m a little skeptical to try it, to be honest, as I am a big fan of tuna, and so I think I’m going to get a vegetarian friend to give it a taste test for me.


These two products look quite promising and yummy. The SquareBar Cocoa Crunch contains 12g of complete plant-based protein, and brown rice crispies for a ‘crunch’ and is coated in real chocolate. For anyone with dietary restrictions, this bar is Organic & Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Peanut-Free, Corn-Free, and as they say on their website Rectangle-Free, haha!

The RawSnacks Bar in Apricot Cinnamon is made using raw, organic, gluten-free ingredients. Raw Snacks have left out added sugars, fillers and preservatives so you can feel good about having to eat on the go, whether you use this as a snack or a meal replacement. I’m intrigued by the flavor too as it’s uncommon (bars are often chocolate, pb or cran-almond) and so I’m definitely happy about the unique flavor.


These two snacks are good for those with a sweet tooth/who like chocolate. The Home Free Mini Double Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect little baggy to bring with lunch or have when you’re watching a show in the evening. While I personally prefer soft cookies, I get a hankering for crunchy ones (chips-ahoy style) with milk.

Next to that are Lush Gourmet Foods Dark Cocoa Chili Nuts! I really like unusual combinations that work together like smooth rich sweet dark chocolate and slight kick of spice from the chili. While it’s a fairly small package, it would be good for a quick midday snack or as a snack to go with lunch.


Then, there was this extra little item, a sample of Sunology Sunscreen. I think they just threw this in as a freebie, and I think (personally) it would have a better outcome being included in a summer-month box. I mean, I’m all for free samples, but I won’t be using SPF 50 from the fall to spring.


And finally, we have Herbal Zap Immune Support! I must have forgotten to snap a picture of it, so I grabbed an image online. I love all the Emergen-C, Airborne, vitamin-c-based products that are supposed to help you when you’re getting a cold or a bit under the weather. Fingers crossed it tastes good!


So, once again, here’s the whole batch! I was really impressed with the quality, variety and size of the items included. While vegan soy tuna isn’t my thing, the fact that it exists and VeganCuts found and included it in their box does show that they are unique and motivated to find delicious and innovative products. I have a feeling these snacks won’t be lasting long in my house, and for that I give Vegan Cuts Snack Box a big thumbs up.

xo, Kenzie

*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes*

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