Ipsy October Sneak Peeks!

Interested in what you may get in your 2013 October Ipsy Glambag? Then look no further! They released a ton of spoilers and sneak previews so that although you don’t know which ones you’ll get, you can sum up an idea of the options.

Picture 29

First up we have we is believed to be Ole Henrickson products. Perhaps a toner or a serum? A facial scrub or micro mask? Not totally sure, but I think I’d be pretty happy to get one of these.

Picture 30

Now this image has quite a few sneak peeks. They’re not promising you’ll get all of them, but instead a variety. To the bottom left you’ll see L.A. Fresh Oil Free Cleansing Wipes, a portable/travel sized packet of clothes safe for removing makeup and cleansing skin.

The pinkish-mauve tube is a mini Buxom Lip Gloss! I’m not a huge lip gloss person, but I think I’d enjoy this as well.

To the top left is what looks like an eyeshadow duo (no brand figured out from what could be seen) as well as an Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush!

Picture 31

Now onto the hair products! The red bottle is definitely Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Product. I know this because I’ve received this volumizing hair gel before in an Ipsy bag, as well as used a variety of BSH products.

I wasn’t totally sure about the pump bottle, but I think it’s Style Sexy Hair Blow It Up, a similar product to the one next to it, for volume and smooth strands while blow drying.

  Picture 32

Now onto the polish! Everyone will be getting one Zoya Nail Polish in their bag, in these awesome jewel tone colors! Honestly, I love all three of these that I’ve seen, but if I had to pick, I’m hoping for the pinkish-purple shade.

Picture 33

Here’s another multi-product image! You can see items such as a Starlooks Lip Pencil which comes in two shades: a coral rose, and a medium pink-mauve.

Next to that is a dark shimmery blue MICA Mineral Eyeshadow. I’ve been happy with the MICA eyeshadows I’ve received in the past, but this one may be too bold for me.

 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment is also available, a sea-colored product in a seafoam and white little bottle. I’m intruiged by this one!

While I’m not too big on lotion, this sample sized Pure Dead Sea Body Lotion makes me think perhaps it will have a sea-like scent, or be exfoliating or shimmering.

Finally, we have Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel, a gel-like formula you can use as blush (and doubles as lip tint) in a bold shade of rouge.

PHEW! That was a lot! Interested in signing up? Click here!

xo, Kenzie

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