Fantasy Box ~ A Little Bit of Fun!


So I received this box from Mariah and Chris at The Fantasy Box as a Thank You, and was more than excited to check it out. When asked about a category, like something romantic, something seductive, etc… I opted for a “Playful Box,” so let’s see what that means!


I popped the lid up on the pink and black box (one of my favorite reusable boxes) and saw these two info cards lying inside: Naughty Girl and Lucky Guy.


I read through the instructions and saw that it basically just wanted you to have fun: a ‘dream come true’ for the guy, and a fun costume or an alternate identity for the girl.


Here’s the first look into the box: you can get an idea of a few items, but I still wasn’t totally sure until I started going through it all.


First I see a pair of Leg Avenue (popular Halloween and Adult Dress-Up brand) thigh-high tights with white bows. Super cute, and definitely will get use out of after this!


Next to that is an ‘xoxo’ branded whip/paddle board that’s not too hard, but made of a soft bendy material so it’s fun and sexy at the same time.


Then I saw a lollypop and two red hair ties, and I started putting a few things together…. either I was going to be a naughty nurse/candy striper, a school girl or a fairy tale character…


Now this is what gave it all away: I unwrapped this black tissue paper wrapping to reveal a hot pink, white and black mini school girl skirt and a cropped little white top that ties in the front and reveals your stomach.


So, what’s my verdict? The perfect roleplay! It wasn’t too x-rated or extreme, so it would be great for almost any candidate, but it had just the right amount of naughty and nice. I absolutely loved how everything was provided for the outfit: top, dress, tights, hair bands, lollipop… as well as a fun tool for the teacher/school mate! The only downside is the sizing of the outfit, as I’m in pretty fit, but have an hourglass shape, and so the 1-size-fits-all top was a bit much, and I had the hike the skirt up a bit more toward my waist than my hips.

In general, I’ve had great experience with The Fantasy Box, and both this box, as well as the one I received before (view here) were loved by both myself and K.

xo, Kenzie

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