Shecky’s Girls Night Out ~ Fall 2013


So this weekend, I went into the city with my friend Alyssa to attend a beauty and lifestyle event. Hosted by Shecky’s, “Girl’s Night Out” occurs about 2x per year in multiple cities in the US (Philly, Chicago, etc to name a few) and so when I saw it was coming back to NYC, I thought “hey, why not!?” Plus, they were offering crazy discounts like $10 tickets, so I couldn’t turn it down.

I went to one this time last year and absolutely loved the goodie bag, however the event was very crowded and hard to get around. We had opted for the VIP offer last time, which gave you a deluxe goodie bag with $100+ worth of products, vs. the regular one people got. This time around, however, there was only one choice, but we decided it was worth it.


So, this Saturday, we got there early (the event was from 12PM-9PM) at 12:15 and decided we would scope it out for a few hours while it was quiet, and then go do our own thing in the city later that afternoon/evening. It was perfect timing as we were able to easily access the bar(s), pick up our goodie bags, and get our nails done. It wasn’t really fancy, but they had some cool booths that we shopped around. Alyssa ended up getting some delicious vegan hand-cut soap, and I found a beautiful royal blue and black dress.

At the end of the event… we decided to go through the goodie bag and were a little let down…


I’m definitely fond of Sally Hansen so I was happy with the glittery all-in-one polish, as well as the salon effects french manicure (Alyssa, however was not a big fan). The colgate was okay- basically a $1 travel sized bottle, nothing really special, and then really tiny samples of Airbrush Legs and a Yu-Be facial moisturizer.


One thing I was pretty excited about was the full-size Dove Color-Safe Conditioner, just because it has a good rep and I’ll definitely use it. The paperback book “Waking Up Married” looked cute, and possibly a good read for the train. The bracelet, however, was a bit tacky and seemed like a freebie since it came from a tampon brand.


Now, here is where I’m kinda split. Yeah, it’s convenient to have this supply of tampons and liners, however I was expecting more exciting products like makeup, hair products, skincare, etc…


So, in terms of the bag- for $10, it was just okay. Last years was $15 for 3x the products, so it was a bit of a let down besides for the conditioner and nail polish/care. The event itself seemed better in terms of vendors: having some more variety, more affordable brands, new and unique companies, etc, however the ‘services’ they offered seemed to go down in value. There was only 1 manicurist who did semi-manicures (as due to sanitary reasons they couldn’t use hot towels, cuticle cutters, metal tools) and a company offering 5-minute massages, but I think I was expecting more.

For $10 or less, I’d consider going again, but I’d rather pay $15-$20 for a deluxe goodie bag with more products, especially full-size products, and some more ‘services’ like spray tanners, airbrush makeup artists, henna tattooists, etc…

xo, Kenzie


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