Juniper ~ August


So, if any of you saw my June Juniper Review, you will know how happy I was with this subscription box service. Not only is Juniper customizable to your needs and your timing per month, but Lynn is super funny. I love reading the cards she includes in the box each month.

And so when she graciously offered me a deal, I could not turn it down. Not only do I never have to go out and buy tampons again, but I get all these awesome snacks and teas too!


So the theme this month was “Keep it Fun, Mix it Up,” and as you can see from the info card it looked like Lynn was having an awesome bright, colorful party!  You can quickly see all the included items, from teas and honey sticks to nuts and cookies.


When I flipped the card over to Lynn’s Letter,  I laughed when I read about the Catwalking Class, wishing I had been able to do something like that! It only got better as she continued to talk about the class, and how her ‘opponent’ was invading her space and she was not having it at all. Talk about a cat (walk) fight!


As usual everything was perfectly wrapped and arranged, this month with green-blue tissue paper, and the usual cute see-thru bag holding all the goodies.


Okay now onto the snacks. This month, I received a pack of Donsuemor  Chocolate Madeline cookies, these soft yummy chocolate cookies to fit that sweet craving. Next to them is a pack of 479 Degrees Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn. Not only were these delicious, but they were only 100 calories… can I get a hell yeah!? Then, for that salty fix, was a packet of Nunes Farms roasted salted pistachios. I love pistachios, and I’ve had other Nunes Farms products in last months Taste Trunk.


Next up were the yummy teas for the month. All three were from the brand Numi and were GREEN TEAS! My favorite. There was Moroccan Mint, a caffeine free refreshing blend, Toasted Rice, an interesting nutty, savory tea with caffeine, and Simply Green, a basic decaf green tea. And as usual, they came with 3 assorted honey sticks!


Now onto the ‘personal items’… I got my packets of Midol as usual/requested, and then my special, pampering item: a Golden Earth Aromatherapy Body Wash! My last box had an olive oil complexion soap, and so I like that she had another ‘body/pampering’ item like this.


Of course, I got my usual monthly supply of tampons.  You get to choose your preference with brands, size, etc. which is awesome. Wait, this box is a time of the month box? I got too distracted by all the food….


Here’s a picture of all the goodies I got in addition to my tampons. You can see the variety of sweet and salty, and how she always maintains a similar set of items (3 teas, 3 honey sticks, etc) but always changes the brands, the flavors, etc.


I’m very happy with this mixture, as it combines sweet, salty and savory! Plus green tea is my fave.

Sign up for Juniper now! For $28 per month, you get a full supply of tampons, midol or pads if needed, teas, honey, a variety of snacks, plus a personal body care item! I have a feeling you won’t regret it… otherwise I wouldn’t be getting two more months of it!

xo, Kenzie


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