Taste Trunk ~ Sweet Trunk ~ July 2013


I love sweets. Chocolates. Sour Gummies. You name it… but of course, I’m also really into my health and working out so this was a bold move on my part. What am I talking about, you ask? TASTE TRUNK! Taste Trunk comes in 4 different options: Gourmet, Sweet, Health and BBQ, each which have mostly full-size and some sample size items. Each box, regardless of your choice, costs $29 per month + shipping (OH HEY- I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE AT THE END OF MY POST), which is a heftier price tag than many other boxes, but has some high-quality and unique products. I was tempted originally to get the Gourmet Box but am happy I went with the Sweet Trunk! Now you’ll see why…


I just love their packaging! The box was so simple, a white cardboard box, but then you see this unique stamped label in gold for Taste Trunk.


And it got better. Once I opened up the box, I saw tons of black tissue paper, these super-cute newspaper style brown bags and burgundy ribbon tying it all together.


And just a quick close-up! I reaaally loved the newspaper brown bags and the whole color scheme.


Here’s the first look at the entire case! You can tell that it is stock-full of items, some delicate and so they’re wrapped up in bubble wrap.


And we’ll start with the Caramels from Nunes Farms. These guys are so good- a chewy caramel with nuts that just melts in your mouth. Oh, and there had to be at least a dozen of them in there.


I am a tea freak and so I was obviously beyond excited to see all these honey sticks! Made by Glorybee Foods, these honey sticks came in an array of flavors, with at least 10 sticks aka 10 cups worth of tea! The only downside is I’m not sure which flavor is which, so I guess it will be a fun surprise.


Next up, from down unda (one of my favorite places <3) is the Kookaburra Liquorice! I was intrigued by this and have yet to try it, but I’m guessing it will be similar to twizzlers but in a green apple flavor. I was so happy it was not traditional black licorice flavor as I despise that, but instead it’s a unique fruity one!


Made in Brooklyn, NY (not too far from me!) are these two Jams from The Jam Stand. The big/full-size jar is You’re my Boy, Blue-berry Bourbon Jam. Kindof a play on words, if anyones seen Old School, I’m thinking that might be the reference. But blueberries + bourbon sounds like a good combo and you can totally see how fresh it is! I’m really excited to try this out/it looks like it may be my favorite item from the box!

The little guy is Drunken Monkey Jam which sounds interesting- like a banana caramel jam. I’ll probably be trying this out on a toasted english muffin, however banana is not really my flavor, so fingers crossed!


Mmmm… raspberry fudge. I’m sold. Sorry, did you want more details? Okay so this delicious little jar is made by East Shore Foods and will be used on all my breakfasts and desserts for the next week.


Next is this cute long tube of caramel/toffee popcorn made by CC Made. I love the packaging because it’s just different from the norm, and is bold and attention grabbing. Oh and it tastes good too!


And finally we have biscotti! I absolutely love biscotti, and even though I normally prefer mine chocolate-dipped, these Apricot & Pecan ones by Bari are awesome and will be dipped into my coffee at work this week!


So here’s the whole round-up! All in all, I was pretty pleased with my Sweet Trunk by Taste Trunk. The only item I’m not sure I’ll really use is the Banana Jam.

Additionally, I like how they include postcards with each items telling the customer about the company, the product and even some recipes and tips for how to use the product. There was even a discount for a cute-looking bed and breakfast style place should you ever venture over to the West Coast. I have to say though, I wish either a coffee or a tea was included so that I could combine the honey sticks or biscotti with something else sweet.

Oh, and I have a feeling I’ll be working extra hard at this gym this week.

Interested in Taste Trunk? You can sign up here: http://www.tastetrunk.com/ and I would love if you included my name Mackenzie Degen (or blog name StylishinSuburbia.com) in the extra comments box when you’re signing up, as it works as a referral system and lets me continue to recieve boxes and review them for you! EVEN BETTER, you can now get 25% off your first box by using my code: Degen25

Now, to decide if I should get the Sweet Trunk again or switch it up.. hmm….

xo, Kenzie

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