BuluBox Weight Loss ~ July 2013


So this is my second month of recieving BuluBox (the Weight Loss box option) and they accidentally sent me two boxes, since I signed up for a 3-month subscription and it didn’t cancel out my monthly. Good thing I liked a few of the items in the box, however a few will get passed on as well. BuluBox is a combination box of health, wellness and fitness. What I like is that they try to provide some snacking options while also workout supplements or dietary products.


On top of all the products are the fact sheets/info cards which explain the different products included, as well as their monthly theme.


Here’s a quick picture of all the items included! You can see there is an interesting variety and mixture of snacks (PowerBar energy packs and Total Soy Protein shake mix) along with supplements (like Shortcutz and Vivavin).


First up is the Performance Energy Blend by PowerBar, which came in two different flavors. I apologize for the glare, but it’s from the type of packaging! This fruit-based energy pack came in Apple-Mango-Strawberry as well as Banana-Blueberry. Well, for those of you who know my feeling about bananas (i.e. not a fan of Banana Jam from Taste Trunk, even though I loved everything else!) you know I’ll most likely pass this on to Kevin. The Apple-Mango-Strawberry, however, will definitely come in handy either pre-workout or when I need a pick-me-up at work.


I love protein powder and protein shakes! Especially chocolate!!! So I’m definitely pumped to try out the Naturade Total Soy meal replacement shake. However, I’ve heard it’s not the best to go all-soy in terms of protein (basically can counteract contraceptive pills and throw off your body if you’re not used to so much soy) so I think I’ll be having these in between my regular Optimum Whey Nutrition ones. This meal replacement is lactose and gluten-free which is good for those with allergies, however I will most likely be making it with skim milk or almond milk.


Shortcutz is a thermogenic combination of CLA, raspberry ketones and taurine. I’ve had many energy drinks with Taurine in it, and currently take CLA (oil pill supplements) and tried out Raspberry Ketones before so I’m willing to give this a try. Anyone have any success with it so far?


These cute little individual mints and gums are made by Zellies and are supposed to freshen your breath and give you healthier teeth, so I think I’ll give them a try!


Vivarin is a caffeine alertness aid, which I definitely could have used back in college (ugh, if only I knew). However, now I usually get my energy and alertness from a combination of coffee, tea and energy/pre-workout supplements. I’ll probably pass this along to a friend in grad school who will be needing it during midterms and finals time!


All in all, this was not my favorite month of BuluBox Weight Loss, however it did have a few things I liked. There’s a card for DailyBurn, the Total Soy meal replacement and gum that I’m interested in, while I’ll probably pass on the Vivarin and PowerBar Banana pack. I’m really hoping next month is a little better, as I looved the protein pancake mix from my June box.

PLUS! There are a lot of sales going on right now for 50% off a 6-month or 12-month subscription if you check out Plum District or BuluBox.com.

xo, Kenzie

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