Conscious Box ~ September

Hi all! So, I just received my first… and last Conscious Box. They had a promotion going for 1 “Free” Box, where you pay the cost of shipping- $7 and so I thought, “Hey! Why not? Reviews I’ve seen lately … Continue reading

What’s on my… August 20th: Discounts, Promos, Teasers

What’s on my Mind:

Okay, so it’s mid August and… wait, what? It’s the middle of August!? Sorry, but where exactly did the Summer go? There was a 2 week heat wave and then endless amounts of gloom and rain. I’m sad to say that I’ve been to the beach (besides vacation) about once this summer. That’s when you know childhood/college/happiness is over and you’re a real working adult now.

What’s on my Subscription List:


I’m SO excited for some of the new boxes I’ve signed up for. I received a few boxes last week I still have to post up, and yet I keep thinking about the next ones that are coming. So, on my new subscription list for August, I’m adding Conscious Box! There is currently a Conscious Box Discount going on where if you simply use coupon code FREEBOX, you get your first box free… just pay for the cost of shipping ($7)


Teaser/Spoiler Alert: Apparently Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Spray (a beachy, texturizing salt water spray) will be one of the items in this month’s Blush Mystery Box! They just revealed it, giving you more of a reason to sign up. At $22 per bottle, this almost pays for the $25 box! I cannot wait.


Additionally on my mind is… I have a LOT of products. I mean, way before I even got into attending beauty events or buying subscription boxes, I was a bit of a beauty/hair/skincare junkie. I’ve even gone to lengths now to organize my products: I have a shelf for sunscreen and selftanner, facial and bodycare, and then hair! My shelves are seriously overrun with Aussie, Garnier and Sublime Bronze products, yet that doesn’t stop me from getting more. Want to know my favorite products? Feel free to ask, and I’ll be posting every now and then with “Love List,” products I’m currently craving.

What did I do this Weekend?


Many fun, relaxing things! I cuddled and played with Bella!


I got Save The Dates for my brother’s wedding in April!


I ate deliciously amazing Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato! (cheat meal, oops)


And best of all, I saved a lil bird! This here is Carlos, or as Kevin decided to name him “Carlos Danger” (if anyone gets the reference… yeah, wasn’t my choice of names). But anyway, we went on a walk/jog at the track and on the way out, we decided to go a different route back to K’s house, and we all of a sudden saw this poor little injured bird lying in the ground. He couldn’t walk or fly, and then we noticed his eye was all beat up, like he flew into something or got attacked by a cat. And so, we found a shoebox, cut holes and created a little home for him with food and water, and Sunday we dropped him off a 1/2 hour away at a Bird Rescue and Rehab center. The woman told us he had his tail ripped off and definitely looked like he had been attacked. Fingers crossed for a healthy recovery for little Carlos!

xo, Kenzie

What’s on my…. June 21st (P.S. Discount Codes in Here!)

So, somehow my entire post from yesterday unpublished itself and went back to basic draft form. Beyond confused, so here’s a re-post with a few edits…. What’s on my Mind: Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Can you guess who hasn’t … Continue reading