What’s on my…. June 21st (P.S. Discount Codes in Here!)

So, somehow my entire post from yesterday unpublished itself and went back to basic draft form. Beyond confused, so here’s a re-post with a few edits….

What’s on my Mind:


Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Can you guess who hasn’t been sleeping well lately? I am so happy that the weekend is approaching, because the last few weekends have been overrun by birthday, graduation and engagement parties, and NOW I finally have a weekend to myself! First plan? To sleep in.

What’s in my Inbox:

So I was scrolling through some e-mails when I came across this deal for UmbaBox, sponsored by Love With Food!


“Love our monthly gourmet surprise. You might also LOVE our friends at UmbaBox.

50% OFF for New Customers

Umba Box is a monthly subscription for curated handmade goods, allowing you to discover beautiful handmade products and talented artists. Each box includes a 2-3 items ranging from jewelry to home goods to stationery, plus stories about the artists who created your goods. Use code LOVEWITHFOOD. Promotion ends 7/3.”

Not a bad deal… I may look into purchasing one 🙂

What’s on my Agenda:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 9.46.40 AM

Boxes I’m looking into getting…  Conscious Box seems like a pretty cool concept to me, and now I’ve found two discount codes for it! Normally $19.95/month, you get a “monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet.”

Use code “EARTHMONTH” to save 50% off your entire subscription!
Use code GETAWAYFREE to get your first box free (just pay the shipping, $7.95)

What’s on my To-do/To-Buy List:

So while you viewers have seen some of the boxes I’ve posted about so far, I just got two big deliveries this week and so I have a ton more coming soon!

photo 4

Posts coming up: I just posted on Love With Food last night, and prior to that on Ipsy and JackedPack. You can view those posts by clicking the highlighted links. My new few posts, starting this afternoon will include: Out of the Box Sampler, Sent Her Way, Peckish, BuluBox & FitBox by Platinum Box!

Other ones I’m gong to look into include: KlutchClub, VitaBo, GoBites, Bouq, Healthy Surprise, Pump Ups, Blush Mystery Box & Graze!Anyone have any feedback (positive or negative) about these new companies I’m thinking about? Feel free to post or e-mail me!

xo, Kenzie

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