Conscious Box ~ September


Hi all! So, I just received my first… and last Conscious Box. They had a promotion going for 1 “Free” Box, where you pay the cost of shipping- $7 and so I thought, “Hey! Why not? Reviews I’ve seen lately are pretty good.” Boy, was I wrong..


I have to say, the packaging was great. They have a unique little box with cute slogans like “Packed with Love” and prove that they really care about the planet in terms of recycling. The actual box within the box was cute too, focused on squirrels and nuts.


I skimmed through the info card and thought “How cute!” as they explain about squirrels and their memory and calculations. However, that’s where the cute ended.


I opened up my inner box and saw a few of the products and thought “hmm, looks like a fair combo of snacks and beauty products..”


However, as I began to go through the products, I became pretty disappointed.


I’m definitely into fitness and health, and so these seem fairly interesting to me: a daily multivitamin with an energy boost, and wow, 5 of them?! However, after looking into the product, I saw that you could easily get free samples from their website and other giveaways and many ‘reviews’ about the product didn’t seem realistic.


Next up, we have Kids Calm Multi and SpaTowel. The Calm Multi Dietary Supplement seems pretty interesting, however I’m a little confused…. First of all, I’m 22. I don’t have any kids at all, and definitely know when I picked out my box/filled out my profile, I chose the ‘Classic’ box and didn’t opt for a kid-friendly one. So, I’m a bit confused about how that (and another product below) managed to get into my box. I mean, I’ll still test out the product, however the dosage may not be the same for what an adult requires.

The SpaTowel is a simple, to-go, refreshing towelette. While it is a good product in general, I don’t see too much of a difference between baby wipes or a face misting spray. I am sure I will use this, either after the gym, or if I need a quick refresher, however I won’t go out and purchase more.


Out of everything, these have to be the products I liked most, as they were unique and I will have some use for them. The African Black Soap is a fairly large size for just a sample, and I’ve used other brands of black soap in the past, so I know it’s good for your skin.

The Liquid Collagen supplement is definitely a great idea- you can replace those biotin fishy-smelling pills with a liquid. Now, I just have my fingers crossed that it tastes good!

Then, we have a small sample of Correctiv Facial, which is a serum to smooth and moisture your skin and reduce pores and lines.


The Doctor’s Best D-Ribs pills would be useful if I was concerned about my heart. Yes, I’ll try them, but no, I don’t think I need to add any more pills or supplements to my daily routine.

The Avalon Organics Shampoo is supposed to nourish and smooth your hair, and I will definitely test it out, but if any of you recall my feelings on Lavender from my Yuzen Box, you know I’m not a big fan of the smell. Worst case, I’ll use it as bubble bath for a soothing bath.

And of course, we have E Boost Natural Energy Powder in Pink Lemonade. When you mix it with water and consume it, it’s supposed to not only increase your energy but help with your immunity and wellness. It’s kindof like a Emergen-C meets a Energy/Caffeine Boost.


Now, we have BOPS! I actually first heard of these Baked Organic Potato Snacks in a spoiler e-mail for a Love With Food Box. You really can’t go wrong with baked chips, so I think these will be a plus in my book.

I’m not quite sure if you can see it, but there’s a eco-friendly compost-staple bag as well. I’m not sure if there’s a specific use to it, or if it’s just to replace a typical plastic baggy.

Now, to end this all… when I checked on, apparently I was supposed to get a fruity green tea. But, instead I got a Sleepytime for Kids in Grape. No one likes grape. Especially kids. It’s like cold medicine, unless it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Big thumbs down for this product.


All in all, I have to say I’m disappointed. As I mentioned above, I’m not a mom and I don’t have any friends with kids so two of the products are not even geared toward me. Perhaps Conscious Box should make a Regular Option and a Kid-Friendly Option, rather than compiling them together. While I may be a little picky on what I use on my skin/hair and my distaste for Lavender, I was fairly happy with most of the beauty products (and so I’ll cut them a break for those items), I just don’t really need a face wipe, or an eco-plastic bag.

What was I expecting? Here’s some examples from past boxes: Organic Veggie Nutrition MilkShake, Veggie or Vegan Protein Powder, Omega-3 or Multi Vitamin Gummies, Granola/Trail Mix Bars, Tooth Pastes, Facial Scrubs/Cleansers, Chia/Hemp Seeds, Berry Teas, Vitamin-Rich Drinks

Now, you may think I’m being harsh, but I shared my thoughts with various subscription box bloggers and communities, and 4/5 agreed that this month was a let down.

Now, to find a good, eco-friendly and healthy box…

xo, Kenzie

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