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Watanut ~ September

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Taste Trunk Sweet Trunk ~ August


So my Taste Trunk arrived a few days ago, and of course I picked the Sweet Trunk again! With my variety of health-conscious boxes, I knew I shouldn’t pick the Health Trunk, plus I’m not a BBQ-er… perhaps next month if I continue,  I’ll switch up to the Gourmet one!


As usual, I love their packaging. The first look is the gold stamped logo on the simple white box, and then you open the package up to see black and white printed images that take you back in time. With the color scheme: black, white, burgundy, and newsprint, they have won me over in that category.


And so, I eagerly began to unwrap it, carefully taking the info cards out of the newsprint paper bag, and shufflling through the tissue paper…


Like last month, Taste Trunk included some interesting information cards on the products! They wrote a bit about where the product comes from, the companies histories, etc.


First up is the Iveta All Natural Cupcake Mix in Chocolate Coconut. I love to bake, and so I was pretty excited to get this in my package rather than a pre-baked, pre-packaged cake or something along those lines. It came with instructions as to what to add to the cupcake batter, how to make the frosting, etc. While I may sub some of the ingredients for healthier options, I know I will have fun making these.


Next up, I got these crazy gummy/jelly candies. Made by Cheri’s Desert Harvest. In flavors like “Prickly Pear Cactus Candy” and “Margarita Morsels” I was intrigued and curious as to how they would taste. The consistancy is inbetween a gummy and jelly candy, and it’s pretty sweet I have to say. While they may be too sugary sweet to purchase (personally), I would recommend them to anyone who likes sour patch kids, gumdrops, etc.


In terms of baked goods, I recieved The Cookie Department Peanut Butter Choc Chip Protein Cookie! It’s like they read my mind and knew I wanted a protein-based one! I have been making protein pancakes so much lately, and so this is great because it fills your craving for sweets while also giving you the protein you need.


CC Made Salted Caramel Sauce just sounds heavenly. Last month I recieved CC Made Caramel Pistachio Popcorn, so I had a good feeling about this. I didn’t realize it was a ‘salted’ caramel until I realized the name Sel Gris Caramel Sauce. Yum- I know I love Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates, Caramel Macchiato and various other treats, so I will definitely put this to good use. I can just imagine the caramel thumbprint cookies already…


Finally, we have a familiar food: Nunes Farms almond caramels and chocolate caramels were wrapped up in one of the newsprint brown paper bags. I did enjoy getting the regular caramels last month, and so I had no doubt the chocolate ones would be good as well. However, I’m not a big fan of repeats.


I was really happy with everything I got… except:

I wish I had received the Pacific Beach Toffee Peanut Butter that was included in their Health Trunk… and in my opinion should have been in the sweet one! I love nut butters- peanut, almond, cashew, chocolate peanut- and of course cookie butter!

Additionally, while I was happy to receive some of the Nunes Farms chocolate caramels, I did in fact get about a dozen caramels with almonds last month. Luckily I enjoy them, however I think they need to increase their variety and reduce chances of duplications.


I think I may switch up my trunk for next month in order to avoid duplicates… perhaps to the Gourmet Box?  Anyone prefer one over another?

With a cost of $29.00 a month + shipping, this is a pretty good box for the total foodie; You definitely have to love sweets to get this trunk (just like how the BBQ trunk is perfect for a GrillMaster!) If you decide to sign up, use TASTE25 for 25% off your first box, and please be amazing and write my name “Mackenzie Degen” in the special instructions area.

xo, Kenzie

Nature Box ~ July 2013


Hi all! So for some reason, there was a slight delay with my NatureBox— it was sitting in another state for a few more days than it should have been. Luckily- I got everything just before the end of July and it was all in good shape! This is actually my first NatureBox… I finally gave in after seeing the different snacks, mouthwatering reviews… and so on. I hope you enjoy!


NatureBox is a monthly subscription delivery system of snacks! They always include 5 packages, which come in a variety of different options: sweet, savory, salty depending on their picks of the month. Apparently, you can even log on and change your options so that you can choose which ones will be mailed to you the next month!

This first look upon opening the box shows a cute little information card, which has a theme of “Blissful Beach Days”. It highlights the names of the 5 different foods included, and a quick-1 or 2 line description of what they are. Although I wish they included the nutritional facts as well, they can be found on their website if you are a member. I’ve included some info for you from the nutritional facts on the back of the bags as well!


We’ll start with the ‘sweet’ items first. So, first up are the Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars! Yum! This package contained 5- 1.2 oz bars, that weighed in at 120 calories each (3g fat, 23g carbs, 11g sugar, 2g fiber, 2g protein). I wouldn’t necessarily call these ‘healthy’ however I’m sure that because of the fiber from the whole wheat and blueberries that it keeps you full for quite a while!


Then we have Big Island Pineapple! As many of you have seen in my previous posts from Peckish Co. and NibNaks, I freakin’ love dried fruit, especially ones like pineapple, mango and cherries! This 3.1 oz pack contains ‘2 servings of 4.5 rings’ which is actually a pretty big serving size. For 4.5 rings, it’s only 120 calories (0g fat, 29g carb, 13g sugar, 3g fiber, 1g protein). While the sugar and carb count may seem high, it’s because pineapples are one of the highest naturally sweet fruits, and no matter how you have them (fresh, canned, dried) they will always be. I’m not going to lie- I’d definitely be content after eating only 3 of these in one sitting!


These cute little Lemon Tea Biscuits were awesome! I like that they’re just so little and snack-able, rather than getting a few large cookies/biscuits. I really enjoyed dunking them into hot coffee! This 4oz package contains about 4 servings (12 cookies) and is 150 calories per serving (8g fat, 20g carbs, 9g sugar, >1g fiber, 2g protein). While the carbs are a bit high, the fact that the sugar is low is awesome! It makes me feel less guilty by eating them.


Now onto the salty and savory items! I was a little skeptical to try out the Garden Tomato Almonds because I had received the Salsa Nut Mix in their free sample giveaway, and while the nuts were good, the ‘corn chips’ were kinda soggy and stale (in an unopened bag- I’m guessing either humidity or just the combo of spices and other items made them that way). However, the Garden Tomato Almonds were actually pretty good! Now onto the health details… these weighed in at 170 calories for 1/4 cup of the 4oz. package (14g fat, 7g carbs, 2g sugar, 3g fiber, 6g protein). These are a good go-to item for someone who wants to get a dose of protein while staying low sugar/low carb.


Finally we have the Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels. I love sunflower seeds, and have gotten them from different brands in flavors like BBQ and Ranch before, so I had a feeling I would like these. This 5 oz package contains about 4.5- 1/4 cup servings and weighs in at 190 calories. It’s a bit high- however it is a seed, and often seeds and nuts are higher calories and fat, but lower in the other areas (16g fat, 6g carbs, >1g sugar, 4g fiber, 6g protein). This item is similar to the almonds, with really low carb/sugar counts but a tad higher calories and fats. However- they will keep you feeling full!


Here’s the whole gang! Which ones did you like best? Subscribe now for 25% off by using promo code REFER25 or get your first box for ONLY $10 with code SNACKING (normally $19.95).

xoxo, Kenzie

*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes*

Taste Trunk ~ New Subscription Box & Promo Code!

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 10.29.11 AM

I just love finding out about new subscription box companies! Especially when they’re actually ones I can use (i.e. not baby/dog-related boxes, and that ship to NY (so sad that HerFashionBox only ships in Australia!) So, I just connected with Taste Trunk, this great new company that puts together gourmet edible items based on the category you choose. Taste Trunk offers 4 different boxes: Gourmet Trunk, Healthy Trunk, Sweet Trunk and BBQ Trunk, of course the Healthy and Sweet boxes being the ones that grabbed my eye. I asked a few questions about the boxes I was interested in, and was told that the Health Box contains a mix of healthy attributes, such as low-fat, gluten-free, organic, all natural, low sugar, vegan, etc. So that might be the perfect box for any of you with allergies or strict diet requirements.

For only $29 a month (shipping included) this box is a steal! It’s like getting all those gourmet items from specialty stores for half the price.

Now, tbey have an Ambassador program, so I would appreciate it if you put my name (Mackenzie Degen or Kenzie Degen) in under either “Sponsor” if you’re also signing up for the Ambassador Program or in the “Special Instructions” Box when you’re checking out after signing up for subscription box delivery!

Best of all, I have a discount promo code for all my readers for their first Taste Trunk Box for 25% off if you enter in Degen25 at checkout! 


xo, Kenzie

Sent Her Way ~ June 2013

photo 3

Do you ever run out of tampons at the wrong time? You just completely forget to buy them until it’s too late? I know i have, and was supposed to be wearing a tight white dress that night!

Well, I just recently connected with Sent Her Way, a “Time of the Month” subscription that takes the stress out of your period! Sent Her Way lets you go onto their website and pick out the brand that you prefer for tampons, pads and liners, and they discreetly ship you a box at your desired time, once per month (or every 3 or 6 months). So whether you need it for the first week of the month or the last, just enter the date in that works for you and Sent Her Way ships it to you quickly and easily. The box is simple and unlabeled, so if you’re living in a dorm or shared apartment, no one will even know what you’re buying.

PLUS: Shipping is FREE, so you’re spending under $10 per package! I don’t know about you, but to have one less thing on my mind/my to-do list makes my life a lot easier.

photo 4

This item is packaged perfectly, with different shades of pink, in a cute box that will make you want to trade up the drugstore boxes. The top has shows the different brand options, with the one you chose checked off, just to show that someone (and not a machine) is checking each box.

There was even a discount code included! For any new subscribers, you can receive 25% of your first order if you simply enter the promo code 25off at checkout time! With so many boxes and companies making you pay full price before you get to experience their product, this is definitely a blessing.

photo 5

So, to sum it up, this box is the perfect discreet and easy delivery that you schedule based on your preferences and your timing per month. Why not make things easier for yourself!?

Sent Her Way logoSign up by clicking this Banner or any of the Sent Her Way links!

So, any viewers out there try Sent Her Way yet? Any thoughts or comments on the product?

*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes, however my thoughts and comments are all my own.*