Peckish ~ September

My Peckish Co. September Box has arrived… and that means time for some healthy snacks like dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, chocolate nibs and nuts! I can only wonder what variations I got this month… As usual, they have the cute … Continue reading

Peckish ~ August 2013

I love Peckish…. no really, I think I may be in love with them…. Perhaps, it’s because I’m currently scarfing down some “Strawberry Banana Sundae” mix as I write this. Who knows for sure? Anyway, this is my third month … Continue reading

Peckish ~ July 2013


Since I was so fond of Peckish last month, I decided to order it again (and paid the full $14.99 for it!). However, I switched up the type of box that I recieved from the Energy Box to the Sweet Tooth Box. As you’ll notice in a few more reviews I have coming out shortly, I must have been craving fruit, chocolate and sugar this month because many of my boxes were sweet!


As usual, they used a cute simple brown box, and once you popped it open it had an image with “From the Earth To Your Desk” along with the nutiritional information and details card. They have such simple, yet attractive and earthy packaging.


Now, onto the goods! Each month Peckish sends you  three assorted items, and since last time I had a mix of sweet, salty and savory (click here to see my last review so you can see what may be included in an Energy Booster Box) I was beyond excited for my fruity, sweet selections this month in the Sweet Tooth box!

The three included were: Sweet Americana (can you say perfect for a July box!), Sweet & Tart, and Rise of the Almond Queen. This box is an in-between in terms of surprise: you don’t get completely surprised, and you don’t get to choose all three items included, but you do have a general sense of what may be included… However,  it’s as if they read my mind and knew exactly what to give me!


Sweet Americana is simple and delicious, while also patriotic: it’s a combination of raspberries, blueberries and bananas, all dried and ready for snacking! When I say simple, I mean if you look at the list of ingredients, those are the only three ingredients… no sugar, preservatives, etc. Yay!


Sweet & Tart mixes the sweet and healthiness of fruit with a bit of chocolate and the protein of nuts! Made with Almonds (I think they’re Marcona- spanish almonds, but not definite), dried  pineapple, and chocolate chip bits, this is sure to curb every craving regardless of what you’re fiending.


Rise of the Almond Queen is adequately named for the amount of delicious almonds that are included in it! While the base to this mix may be almonds, there are also coconut chips/shavings and chocolate chip bits as well. This is a good combination, for you get all the protein and nutrition you need, while also feeding your sweet tooth (and a change from the fruity blends).


Fun fact: these mixes are all 160 Calories or less per serving, with Sweet Americana weighing in at only 80 Calories per serving. So not only are you getting fresh ingredients without preservatives, but they’re also good for you and the perfect alternative to a bag of chips or cookie with lunch.

Only downside was that I didn’t get a free sample this month 😦

What am I hoping for in next months box? Right now, I’m feeling: Strawberry Banana Sundae, PB&J or Tropical Island (again- I got it in last months box… amazinggg!) But then again, I wouldn’t mind getting any of these as repeats because they were THAT good. Props to you, Peckish Co.

xo, Kenzie

Peckish ~ June 2013

I am in Trail Mix/Snacking heaven! Peckish is this great company that offers a snacking subscription box every week, every other week, or every month, all based on your preference! The pricing of $14.99 (including tax and shipping!) stays the … Continue reading