Peckish ~ August 2013


I love Peckish…. no really, I think I may be in love with them…. Perhaps, it’s because I’m currently scarfing down some “Strawberry Banana Sundae” mix as I write this. Who knows for sure? Anyway, this is my third month of receiving a Peckish Co. snack box, and of course I went with the Sweet Tooth Box again. If you enjoy savory or salty items, definitely feel free to mix it up and get the Energy Booster or another variety, but I have found my favorite option!


As usual. my cute simple box arrives with a white Peckish logo wrapped around it, which I cut off and pop open to see their sign “From the Earth to your Desk”. While they do not change up the themes like many other boxes do, they are consistant with a few things.


Like, for the fact that they always include the Nutritional Contents and information card in your box. I know many of you are often worried about what you’re eating, or even worse, what you’re feeding your kids. However, the majority of Peckish‘s mixes and ingredients are natural and healthy. None of those crazy additives, color dyes, etc. Take Mango Tango for example… it has two ingredients: organic mango and organic coconut!


Here’s my beautiful delivery! You can see that all three packs are different from last months, plus there are no duplicates. All of them contain either naturally dried or dehydrated fruit too, yum!


Here is PB&J, the ‘healthy, yummy alternative to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!” Made with raspberries, grapes, peanuts, and wheat crackers (ingredient list shows specifics), this awesome snack mix is a great alternative when you’re either craving that childhood snack or in a rush and don’t have time to make a full-on sandwich!


Mango Tango is just so simple and easy. It’s just dried organic mango and coconut! Seriously, that’s it. No added sugar, preservatives, etc. I recieved a mix similar to this before that contained dried coconut, mango and pineapple, so I’m sure I’ll like this one just as much.


Now, what I’m currently snacking on happens to be the Strawberry Banana Sundae mix, which is composed of dehydrated bananas, strawberries and chocolate chips! Simple as that. Plus, the chocolate chips are always better than store-bought as you can tell they’re recently made and of high-quality ingredients.

I’m really happy with this months supply! Now, I just need to pace myself so I don’t devour it all in one sitting…

P.S. Trying using promo code FRIEND12 for $5 off!

xo, Kenzie

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