SkoshBox ~ August 2013


SkoshBox is unlike any other box I’ve received so far… it’s a combination of a food/snacking box and a Japanese culture box! They mix the two worlds, but sending japan-made and branded snacks and candies throughout the US for you to try new and unique items.


I was excited when it finally came, and so I immediately dug in to the simple brown box. Once I opened it up, I saw that everything was nicely wrapped up in tissue paper with an information card on top, plus wooden chopsticks!


The information card was definitely helpful. I didn’t know what half of the items were until I matched up their descriptions to those on the card. I’m still not certain about 1 or 2 of them, however I think I did well. J I tried to organize them in order from top to bottom of the info card as I don’t know how to write out some of the names!


So, first off we have these super cute wooden chopsticks! I knew the box contained Japanese goodies and so I was pleasantly surprised to see these as well. They’re known as Hashi, as I learned on the info card.


The easiest item it identify was the Almondrush chocolate-nut bar. This delicious blend of chocolate and nuts relate to a simple Hershey or Nestle style bar, and it just melts in your mouth.


I believe these are the peanuts covered in a crisp rice cracker shell, item #2 on the info card list. It made sense seeing as they are little round balls, the size that a peanut in a coated covering would be. I have yet to try them… fingers crossed!


This thin crunchy item is a crispy rice cracker coated with cheese. Pretty simple concept, and it reminds me of popcorn cakes, just smaller and skinnier.

Next to this is the Mini Salad, which confused me at first, as it is an airy rice cracker with a ‘savory salad-dressing-like coating’. To be honest, I am terrified of this item and want to try it but have no idea what to expect.


These array of candies happen to be milk caramel candies and fruit gummies… simple and delicious!


This candy is the Fuwa Fuwa jelly, a fluffy marshmallow gummy candy, and next to it are crispy wafers with either a rich creamy milk or matcha filling. For those who don’t know, matcha is, I believe, a strong green tea, or part of the ingredients that goes into making green tea. I’m a fan of green tea, so I am hoping these are as good as the Japanese green tea mochi I get!


Last but not least, these Umaibo are puffed corn snacks, in cheese/corn/potato flavors. I’m thinking they’ll be similar to Cheetos or some type of puffed cheesy snack, but we shall see!


Here is everything! You can see the sizes of the different products and how some are duplicates in different flavors. I am definitely using my chopsticks for the next time I order sushi, and I can’t wait to sample all the items I have not yet tried.

Interested in SkoshBox and trying out awesome Japanese snacks? Sign up here for only $12 per month! I can only imagine what will be in next months box…

xo, Kenzie


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