Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts


So, you checked your list and checked it twice, and then realized only days before Christmas that you completely forgot to buy a gift from someone!? Well, fear not, because that’s when DIY gifts come to your rescue. I rounded up my favorite DIY gifts that will help you avoid crowded mall parking lots and really create a gift from the heart…


Get your mason jars ready! This sweet, spicy and overall delicious Gingerbread Granola from Minimalist Baker will be a hit for anyone who loves the flavors of the sholidays. This 10-ingredient, 30-minute recipe is so easy, plus it can make multiple servings if you need multiple gifts! You can package it up in either a masjon jar with a self-made label, or toss into a bag, tied up with a ribbon and a cute accent item like a cookie cutter or custom name tag!

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a cold, snowy winter night!? Well this portable, snack-worthy Hot Cocoa Fudge from Delish helps to curb snack and drink cravings. Made with only 5 ingredients, this fudge will be sure to win over any family member or friend. Best of all, you can customize it as you choose fit, adding sprinkles, crushed peppermint candy canes or other great items on top of the fudge, among the mini marshmallows.


I LOVE taking baths. Whether it’s a Wednesday night or weekend afternoon, I love lounging in a warm tub, filled with bubbles, and a candle lit off to the side. Bath bombs are the ultimate addition to any bath, especially when they’re as pretty as these Rainbow & Gold Lustre Bath Bombs from A Beautiful Mess. While this recipe is a bit more complicated than my foodie recipe, it’s so worth it to create these beautiful bath bombs that will soften your skin and turn your bath water such fun colors.

Another great DIY from A Beautiful Mess are for these Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap Bars! This fresh-smelling bar not only is a 5-ingredient DIY, but combines all the elements you want for your skin: poppy seeds for exfoliating, goat’s milk for hydrating; and grapefruit oil for skin coloration and glow!

Finally, to battle dry, damaged winter skin, your friends or co-workers are going to love this DIY Candy Cane Scrub from PopSugar. This sugar-based scrub smells like heavenly peppermint and will not only exfoliate your skin, but also rehydrate with olive oil and essential oils.


Love flowers and plants, but not sure if you or your gift recipient can keep them alive? Succulents are the best option for someone who wants some greenery with very little upkeep! This DIY Succulent Planter project from Succulents and Sunshine is super easy and can be customized in terms of the planters, paint colors and designs chosen. Best of all, you can stop by your local Michael’s craft store and Home Depot (or another similar craft and plant store) for just about all of these supplies!

I always have candles lit in my home, whether it’s a sugar-cookie sweet one, or a more fragrant, earthy scent. That’s why I love the idea of creating these Pressed Herb Candles from Adventures in Making. You can pick and choose your dried flowers and herbs based on your gift recipients liking such as lavender, rose petals, evergreen tree clippings, rosemary and an array of essential oils to mix and match and create your own custom candle!


Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, but these unique ones will definitely catch your guests eyes! The first, Wood-Sliced Christmas Ornaments from Mountain Modern Life, are rustic and beautiful, all in one! Simply buy logs or pre-cut slices of wood from your local craft store and you can “burn” the designs on as per this guide, or simply use use stencils, sharpies, paint pens and/or paint and brushes to create the design of your choice.

All Things G&D has the perfect DIY to create a Christmas Countain Chalkboard Ornament! This one is perfect for families with little ones that want to see the days counting down until Santa comes! You can also customize it if you want it to be a countdown for New Years, Birthdays, or even just a cute chalkboard ornament that you can write notes on!

What are your favorite DIY gifts? Be sure to comment if you try any of these out!



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