Smile brighter & whiter with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway!


With Christmas approaching in a few weeks, and my office holiday party just around the bend, I realized I had a lot of things to do to get ready. Of course, I had to buy my Christmas tree, decorate my apartment and go gift shopping, but I also needed some “me time” including getting my nails done, my hair cut and colored, and figuring out how to make my teeth looker whiter, fast!

I’ve tried an array of whitening toothpastes and strips, and while they sometimes seem to work at the time, days later, they end up looking the same, or irritating my teeth and gums. With Christmas just around the bend, I knew that I needed to mix it up and try something new, which brings me to… SMILE BRILLIANT!


This unique, affordable kit helps you to acquire a beautiful, white smile quickly and easily. I’ve never seen such instant results as I did with this kit, and am SO excited to share a GIVEAWAY with you for your own kit too!

I was extremely skeptical from the start, wondering how this could work so quickly, whether it would irritate my gums, and whether it would compare to profession whitening. While I didn’t have many stains on my teeth to begin with, I knew I wanted to freshen them up, after looking at some recent pictures where they didn’t have that fresh sparkle.


So, I gave the kit a try, with my fingers crossed for successful results! I received the Teeth Whitening Tray Kit pretty quickly, which includes materials to create your molds (catalyst and base paste), whitening gel syringes, desensitizing gel syringes, and an envelope to mail back your molds, so they can then send you custom impression trays in compact case.


Not long after you send off your molds you’ll receive your Teeth Whitening Trays. They arrive a week later, and while they’re durable and strong, they’re actually soft and flexible, which is perfect for the process.


I filled my trays with the whitening gel, and then pressed them around my teeth to fit and start the process. For my first session, I sat for an hour (the kit says approximately 1-3 hours per each usage, but my sessions lasted between 30 to 90 minutes due to timing and sensitivity) and at first, it felt a bit weird, and I couldn’t stop drooling and spitting! However, as the time went on, my teeth got more used to the whitening gel and it became easier.

[With my trays in, waiting for the whitening gel to work]

After whitening my teeth, I rinsed out my trays and filled them with the desensitizing gel, which definitely helps. Maybe it was me, but I felt like they looked whiter already and this was only the first session!


Each syringe lasts a long time! Personally, I get about 3 uses out of each, but some people can get up to 6. I was able to reuse the syringe and this system a few times and definitely noticed a change from my initial smile to how great my teeth look now. My teeth weren’t all that yellow or stained to begin with, but you can definitely see a more luminous white shade after using this system for just two weeks.


So here is the exciting part, you could win your very own Teeth Whitening Trays kit! The prize is worth $139.90 store credit which is equal to receiving the Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes.

All you have to do is enter HERE by January 1st and the winner will be announced by January 6th!

If you want to try out the kit yourself, you can save 5% by using promo code STYLISHINSUBURBIA on their website at


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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

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