Styling with Spiked Necklaces

Spiked Necklaces

I’m always on the lookout for new trends, whether it be in beauty, fashion, accessories or home decor. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a necklace girl. Earrings can often get heavy and uncomfortable; I have a habit of losing bracelets; and I wear the same couple of rings every day. For me, necklaces are my focal point and my statement piece.

That’s why lately my eyes have been drawn to these spiked, pointy, arrowhead necklaces. Not only are there a ton of options to choose from-gold, silver, simple, complex, bright pops of color, gemstones-they dress up the most simple outfit. Best of all, they don’t have to cost a lot either!

Check out my top picks of spiked necklaces for under $50 such as this unique gold choker collar, this pearl and spiked combo, or this gold and teal necklace, on sale now!

The options are endless, as they can be used to add some spark to an otherwise simple work outfit, glam to a going-out LBD, or day-to-day with jeans and a tee!


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