Valentine’s Day Party Planning

Valentine's Day Party Planning
Hi all! What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? You could be going out to dinner with a date, watching movies and drinking wine with your girlfriends, OR, you could be throwing the coolest Valentine’s Day (Or Anti-Valentine’s Day) Party! What does it consist of? A few easy steps, materials you can pick up at a local drugstore or arts and crafts supply store and an awesome array of food and drinks!

1. We need to figure out the logistics–date, time, location–so you can send out invitations. I love this Martini Glass Full of Hearts Invitation from Zazzle. It’s up to you if you want to mail actual invitations, make an e-invite, or last-minute, just send out a group text with lots of emojis. Just make sure they RSVP ahead of time and wear something festive!

2. Is it a couples event or a girls night only? Based on that can help you determine if you need place settings or if this is a more casual gathering. For a couples party, you can hang up some cute I Love You Garland and stick with a sweet, lovey theme. Line the table with name cards, pink, red and white accents and a stylish table runner. For a girl’s night or anti-valentine’s bash, go for all-girly with shade of pink and fun garland like this Multi-colored Heart Garland or Tassel Garland.  Oh, and I always love balloons!

3. Now, onto the table decor. Use a cute set of Heart-Shaped Plates to for appetizers and/or dessert, some pink, red or heart-print napkins, and pick up a few bouquets of fresh flowers and fill them in painted, spray-painted or glitter-covered Mason Jars.

4. When it comes to food, finger foods and snacks are always a great choice. Don’t kill yourself trying to prepare a 5-course meal with filet mignon and different wines for each course. Either have a table set up with a vast array of appetizers and small plates that will suffice for the entire night like a cheese board with an array of crackers, jams and nuts, a plate with veggies and dip, fruit and dip, chocolate-covered strawberries and mini cupcakes, etc, or have a mini three-course meal by serving a salad or a few appetizers, then clearing it while your guests play a game, replacing with a few simple “mains” that they can serve themselves, and then cake, cupcakes or fondue for dessert. I totally love this Cupcake Stand for cupcakes, muffins and scones, and it can even be used for mini-tea sandwiches or other appetizers.

5. Alcohol (and/or Mocktails) are a must. I like the idea of having one or two “custom” drinks, and then having wine and beer. For the champagne lover, pick up some Champagne Flutes, a few bottles of Champagne or Prosecco, strawberries and a juice or nectar of your choice, such as peach nectar, cranberry juice (to make it pink!) or another favorite. To keep with the pink and red theme, blend up some Strawberry Daquiris or Pomegranate Margaritas! Or go classic with red wine!

6. Last but not least, don’t forget the Conversation Hearts. Put them everywhere… on the appetizer or dinner table, in a bowl to snack on, etc. You really can’t go wrong with them!

Prep all of this in casual clothes, then touch up your hair and makeup and change into a cute hostess outfit like a red fit-and-flare dress or LBD with red bow-trimmed heels! Have any tips to add? Feel free to post them in the comments, or share some of your Valentine’s Day stories and past experiences! Or, see last years Valentine’s Day Gift Buying Guide here or some of my previous Valentine’s Day Adorations here!


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