Valentine’s Day Last-Minute Gifts & Ideas

Have any great plans for Valentine’s Day!? Wait, what.. Valentine’s Day is Friday? Did you completely forget to pick up a present or plan a date? Well, you can check out my Valentine’s Day Adorations Buying Guide here, and also check out these quick, easy and delicious edible gifts for last-minute help and planning.

1. Cookies – Whether you’re a cookie baker or cookie eater, everyone loves these Mason Jar Cookie Mixes. You can buy all the ingredients and layer it in the jar and simply attach the recipe on nicely-printed paper with a curled ribbon. Or, you can go the extra mile and make the cookies following the recipe! You can opt for Cowboy Cookies if your beau likes pecans and chocolate chips. In a really tight bind? This Reeses Chocolate Cookie Recipe calls for only a few ingredients including boxed chocolate cake mix and reeses pieces! Plus, you can swap Valentine’s Day M&M for Reeses Pieces to make it extra chocolately and v-day themed.


2. Hot Chocolate – If it’s snowing and you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting, make up these Hot Chocolate Mason Jars! The best part is you an customize them to what you like: marshmallows, peppermint bits, extra chocolate, salted caramels, etc. Or, get a little crazy and spike them with liquors like Baileys and Kahlua!


3. Candy! Love sweet tarts or conversation hearts? Make a cute jar filled with them just like this Valentine’s Day Candy Jar. Still want to mix it up? Opt for heart-shaped red hots, or a combination of red, pink and white jelly beans.


4. Pancakes. Yes, pancakes! Because who doesn’t need breakfast after a long romantic night, or wouldn’t mind some breakfast for dinner? This Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip recipe is delicious, and you can always swap out the chocolate chips for dried cranberries, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips (must be dried to stay well in the jar) or toss in some berries when you decide to cook them!


5. Alcohol. I’m not talking about any other boring drink, but one that combines the likeness of Valentine’s Day with the “sweetness” of your sweetheart and.. strawberries! Yes, that’s right: Strawberry Vodka, made in a mason jar. Bring over a jar of this, plus some nice glasses with chocolate-covered strawberries, and you have the perfect gift!

The best part is that most of these can serve as a gift AND evening activity. The Mason Jar Cookie Mix itself comes as a gift, and together, you can create and eat the cookies if you choose to. The Strawberry Vodka or Spiked Hot Chocolate, paired up with some candles and a movie provide the perfect casual–but still romantic–vibe.

Still not 100% sold? Think of the classic gift of “Chocolates and Roses” for Valentine’s Day, but instead of a dozen basic red roses, grab a bouquet of mixed beautiful flowers like tiger or pink lilies, sweetheart roses and/or daisies to go alongside on of these jarred gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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