Quick February Update!

Hi all! Just a quick update: I recently received a promotion at work, and since then, I’ve been running in circles, having to dedicate the majority of my time to event planning and our print beauty magazine, and so, it’s taking a bit longer for my Stylish in Suburbia posts to go up. As I don’t want to risk the quality, I’m just taking my time to get them all composed, and don’t worry, I will have any outstanding January box reviews up in the next week, and then will be jumping full-force on February reviews! In between my reviews, I’ve been throwing in write-ups on color trends, home decor and party planning to mix it up, and so I hope you’ve been enjoying those.. more to come!

Plus, I have some exciting news! I will have more fashion and personal style posts coming shortly. I have secured a few photographer friends who want to get involved with more photo shoots, styling posts and other items that I believe can be beneficial to my blog, and to you, my readers.

I hope you’ll stay along for the ride. This is only the beginning of a new year, filled with exciting things to come…


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