Graze ~ November 2014


Lately, Graze, one of my favorite food boxes, has been coming out with new and innovative snacks! This customizable and affordable snacking box can be ordered for weekly delivery, bi-monthly, monthly or even extended further out if you really want to push your pennies. For approximately $6 per box (sign up here) you get to rate snacks from Love and Like to Try and Trash. Not a fan of spicy foods? Trash it and you are guaranteed never to get it. Love dried fruits? Select Love next to all of your favorites and they’re sure to send you a variety over the next few months so you can pick out your new favorites. To be perfectly honest, with the rating system and customizable options, it’s hard to find a snack I don’t really enjoy!


My favorite thing about Summer being over is that now Graze sends chocolate snacks again, woo! And I recently went in to update my settings even more to try to get only the snacks I really like!


I was super excited to check out my monthly snacking box and see whether I got some new snacks to try or some favorites to enjoy again.


This set included Herby Bread Basket and Sour Cream and Onion Cashews. Before you start questioning their flavors and my taste buds, these are amazing! The Herby Bread Basket is like a chex mix with cheesy, savory and herby flavors, and the Sour Cream and Onion Cashews literally taste like eating cashews and sour cream and onion potato chips at the same time!


It also included Cookies & Cream, a mixture of chocolate bits, cookie bites, hazelnuts and seeds, as well as Coco Paradise, a mixture of dried coconut flakes, chocolate bits and dried berries! I love some of the combinations that they put together and how they end up tasting like the real thing.


All in all, I was really happy with this Graze Box! I like that they included a variety of flavors, like a savory bready option, flavored nuts, chocolate cookies, and dried fruit mixes. If you’re interested in Graze, click here to sign up now and get your 1st and 5th boxes for FREE! Or use code MACKEN3RP at checkout. Or, to see other past Graze box reviews, click here.


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