Boxycharm ~ November 2014


I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this month’s Boxycharm.. there were some spoilers I liked, and some I was skeptical about. All in all, I’ve been pretty happy with this $21 monthly beauty box, for its variety of products, brands and style.


The theme was “Sparkle and Shine,” as I felt was quite fitting for there was a shimmery eyeshadow, glittery liquid eyeliner and shimmery temporary hair color too! I’m surprised they didn’t use this theme for December (for New Year’s Eve) but like it nonetheless!


First up, we have this OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Paradise Pink (full size, $25 value). This bright, bold pink blush retails for $25 and is definitely not for a wallflower, but for someone comfortable with trying out new makeup and trends. Personally, I like the color but had to blend it in to avoid it being too bright and clowny.


Next up was a product I was skeptical about… Kevin Murphy Color Bug Temporary Hair Color in Gold (Full Size $20 Value). I’ve used a variety of temporary hair colors from comb-in temporary bold colors when I was 16 to an array of professional hair chalks recently.


While the packaging is cool, unfortunately, this one doesn’t really cut it.. the gold is a bit more brown and doesn’t do much for my medium blonde hair, and it is SO messy. I’m worried to wear light colors in fear that the gold will smudge and wear onto it. This may be good for New Years Eve or Halloween, but other than that, it’s not for me.


MICA Beauty Cosmetics Eye Primer (full size, $45 value) is a base that you put down on your eyelids before applying eyeshadows, powders or other pigments. I’m actually excited to test this out and see if it works (makes the color stay on longer and bolder) as I’ve never used something like this before. I can’t believe it apparently costs $45 full-price, but all of MICA beauty products are insanely expensive. It’s a good thing I’ve gotten so many in subscription boxes ;D


I have quite the collection of bellapierre Shimmer Powders after receiving so many in subscription boxes, but I am really loving this bold, deep grey-green shade called in Refined (full size, $15 value)


Finally, we have Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner in Black Diamond (full size, $16 value) They’re lucky I’m not sick of getting Tarina Tarantino products! They must have an agreement with the company to feature a different product in their box each month or every two months. I have loved my previous Tarantino products like primer, mascara and lipstick and definitely recommend this glittery black liquid liner. You can use it during the daytime (not too shimmery) or add a slight sparkle at night or holidays.


Overall, cxcluding the color bug hair color, this Boxycharm box was awesome! I would have preferred if the blush was a little more peachy or muted, but definitely like the eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyeshadow base. This box has a value of over $100, so I definitely recommend subscribing if you like full-size, high-end beauty products!

If you do decide to sign up for Boxycharm, click here and please use my link or e-mail If you’d like to see past Boxycharm reviews, check them out here!


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