Ipsy Glambag ~ June


I’m always excited to see the Ipsy Spoilers and then for my Ipsy Glambag to arrive! I’m very rarely disappointed by this $10 per month subscription and have even encouraged many friends to get their own! So, when I heard that they collaborated with Rebecca Minkoff this month, I was extra excited…


This month’s theme is “Pretty in Paradise,” filled with an array of makeup, skin care and hair care products in great summery colors and perfect for the hot, humid weather.


First up, we have the Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara, which everyone received.  I’ve used many Bombshell products in the past (most I liked) and so I was excited for this full-size volumizing mascara. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the worst-smelling makeup products I have ever tried… it had a gasoline-like scent to it that really turned me off.  There were many forums and comments via social media asking about it and ranting on the product, to which the company said they were all safe for use and only smelled like that because they don’t use additional scents and fillers.


Next is Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Green. I love using bright colors on my eyes and lips so I was happy to see this bright teal (yes, more teal/turquoise than green) eyeliner. It’s a simple liquid applicator, so you can run it against your lash line for a thin line, or go wild and create a thick winged out style. It slightly folds if you don’t use a primer, or are in a hot/humid area, but for the long-run lasts and looks great!


Next is a good summery product, Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. While I own many sample-sized and full-sized beachy wave spray products, I’m always down to try out another one. I’ll be tossing this into my beach or weekend bag for an easy, wavy look.


One product that every subscriber received (in addition to the mascara) is a NYX Butter Gloss. Mine was called Crème Brulee, a light pink-nude color that smells delicious and feels smooth and glossy on my lips. I personally am not a fan of sticky lipgloss-style formulas and wasn’t huge on the color at first, but this one wasn’t too bad (in terms of stickiness) and I am a big fan of NYX, so I could see myself repurchasing in other colors.


Finally, we have this very interesting sample of Laneige BB Cushion. I was a little confused at first: is it concealer, bb cream, foundation, a puff pad!? And then realized the sample included 1 applicator puff + a sample of each 3 bb cream colors they offer. You press the puff into the skin-colored cushion and it releases just enough so you dab it on like a combined foundation/powder. This is kinda a one-time use product and was cool to check out, but I’m not sure I could see myself repurchasing it in the future (due to price and application).


Don’t forget this super cute bag designed by Rebecca Minkoff! I am just loving the pattern…


Overall, I liked my June Ipsy Glambag, especially the Nicka K Bright Teal-Green Liquid Eyeliner and NYX Butter Gloss, despite getting gasoline-scented mascara. The actual little makeup bag was great and I’ll definitely be sticking around to see what next month holds.

What do you think about the June Ipsy Glambag picks? Sign up for your own here now for only $10 per month!


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