NatureBox ~ June


Ugh, I just love NatureBox. Seriously, the snacks are addictive and since you get to pick your own, you know what flavors and ingredients you’re getting! My favorite mixes tend to be either chocolate-y or spicy, but I switched it up a bit this month…


Here’s the first look! The box was nice and packed to the brim, with some flyers and pamphlets plus a $10 off promo code!


First, we have Pear Praline Crunch! This is a combination of pecans and cashews that are coated in a pear/praline flavoring! It’s kinda inbetween a bag of mixed nuts and a granola/trail mix in terms of texture, but was super sweet and delicious.


Next is a classic, Dark Cocoa Almonds. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with these chocolate-covered almonds. The only downside is that they’re now unavailable until September due to the heat (they’ll melt during shipping).


Next is Chili Munch Mix! I really wanted the Zesty Fiesta -style mix I had a month or two ago, but apparently it’s still out of stock (sad face). So, I tried this new spicy snack, nut and seed mix! I really liked the flavors and amount of spicy kick, however, all the seeds ended up at the bottom and were a bit annoying to eat/pour out.


I just could not get a good picture of this snack! The bag was much softer than the others and kinda looked floppy. Unfortunately, this PB&J Granola was also a bit of a flop too. While the idea was totally there, the flavor was so-so and it was just soft and soggy, not crunchy the way granola should be.


Finally, we have Coffee Kettle Corn! This combines two of my favorite things: coffee and popcorn! And it’s seriously that tasty… it reminds me of Christmas when you get those speciality popcorns and it has chocolate and caramel drizzled on it. A definite must-have! Only wish that it was a bigger bag, as this was truly only 1-2 servings and not resealable.


Here’s a close-up of all the bags and the snack names…


All in all, I was really happy with the majority of my selections for my June NatureBox. While I was bummed out that a few favorites were out of stock, I happily tried some new ones and found new favorites (like Coffee Kettle Corn and Pear Praline Crunch!)

What do you think about NatureBox? Get your first box for 50% OFF (ONLY $10) by clicking here and using one of the following promo codes: PANDORA, RADIOLAB, HAPPYHOUR, or SNACKHEALTHY.


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