Splendies ~ May


Although this package technically arrived at the end of April, I wanted to consider it as my “May” subscription, as I also received a Splendies package in the beginning of April. Splendies is an underwear subscription service that sends you 3 pairs of panties (thongs, boyshorts, bikinis, etc) each month for a fee of $12. You simply let them know your size (size up! they run small) and they send a random mix. Plus, you can get your first package for only $8 using code SPLENDIES. 


Here’s the entire set, unwrapped and laid out! You can see three different styles: boyshorts, hipster and thong, all in very different materials, colors and designs.

Splendies Gray

First, we have these cute Gray Cotton Boyshorts. They have an elastic top with a few stripes of color.. definitely more of the “lounging around” type, but ran a bit small.

Splendies Pink

Next, we have this supercute pink floral lace hipster! I loved everything about this pair of undies from the colors and designs to the fabric and fit.


Finally, we have this super lacey, romantic white thong with a pink ribbon and the words “HOT” stitched onto it. While I liked the colors and design, the fit was just totally off.. it didn’t seem cut right for a womans body, just too awkward fitting.


 So, all in all, I loved the designs, patterns and colors of 2 out of the 3, however the fits/sizing were a bit off. One pair (the pink cheeky hipster) was a hit- good look and fit, however another pair was a little too small and boyish for me, and the final just not cut right- too much fabric in some areas and too little in others. For the price, it was okay, but I’ve decided to take a Splendies hiatus, and just stock up on Victorias Secret super sales.


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