NatureBox ~ May


I have to admit.. I really like NatureBox, now that you get to customize your box and choose which snacks you want to receive!


I think the worst part is the waiting around… 20 days until I get my next box!? It seems like double!


I originally signed up for a 3-month subscription, contemplated taking a break, and then saw an awesome promo code to get a box for $2! So I clearly couldn’t pass that up. Plus, they threw in a freebie item!


First up, we have Chili Lime Pistachios, which I actually ordered previously, and daaang, are they spicy! They’re the type of snack that lights your mouth on fire but continues to be so addictive and delicious that you find yourself eating the entire bag.


Next, we have Italian Bistro Pretzels. I ordered the Cheesy Pretzels last month and loved them, but wanted to switch it up, so I opted for the Italian blend. They taste like a mix of a savory tomato, garlic and cheesy blend.


Holy almonds! These Blueberry Almonds are sweet, nutty and hard to put down. I love just about any type of almonds, so I liked that these were more dessert-oriented and a change from the usual salty or spicy ones.


Speaking of almonds, these Chipotle Maple Almonds are also a re-order, as they mix the sweetness of honey maple with the intense kick of chili and chipotle peppers. Like the pistachios, they’re addictive and hard to put down!


Next, we have Lemon Meringue Waffles! These are not like a frozen Eggo waffle, but rather similar to pitzels, the italian snowflake cookies. They’re thin and have a crisp bite to them, perfect for snacking as is, or dipping into a sweet greek yogurt or cheesecake dip.


Finally, we have my freebie item! They threw in South Pacific Plantain Chips, which are crispy, salty plantain chips! Perfect for having as is (like in place of chips or pretzels) or dipping into hummus, spinach dip or another yummy option. For those who don’t know, plantains are similar to bananas in shape and texture, but often have a different less-sweet taste.


Here’s the entire lot! I’m so happy that we get to customize our boxes and that (almost) all the snacks I wanted were in stock. What do you think about NatureBox? Sign up here and get your first box at a discounted rate!



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