BuluBox Weight Loss ~ March


My cute little orange BuluBox arrived, containing some items I knew about, plus some surprise items too!


As usual, they include an information card with some details on the included products.


We have a full-size item! This bottle of K-Pax Energy actually is a combination of an energy pill and multi-vitamin, as it comes loaded with a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that harmoniously work together to keep you focused and alert. It also contains a patented immune support formula and mood elevator.


I wasn’t as excited for these Rootology Breathe Free Tablets, as I’ve gotten them before (I think, in a BuluBox!) and they just don’t taste that great compared to other cold-fighters and immune support supplements. They’re handy when you need something, but I wouldn’t re-purchase personally.


Clearly a winner in my book, this Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter sample was well-appreciated, and I would encourage to work with this brand again to try all the different flavors of peanut and almond butter! This is the perfect size to bring to work to spread on an apple, waffle, celery or various other snack.


HAVVN GO powder supplement is a natural compound that is supposed to deliver energy, clarity, vigor, harmony, and health throughout your body. Their tagline is “With more and more people feeling stressed, depressed, and tired there has never been a better time for a safe and natural mood enhancer! But HAVVN GO Nutrition is so much more than just natural energy boost or depression remedy. It is packed with vitamins and ingredients shown to improve memory, mental clarity, focus, and even naturally reduce appetite!” Not 100% sure if I believe it, but I’ll try it!


VanaPain PM is a nighttime pain reliever and sleep aid, similar to if you combined a sleeping pill and advil, but better for your body since you’re not combining multiple pills or medication. This will definitely be helpful when it’s that time of the month, if I have a headache, or come summer, a bad sunburn.


I’m not head over heels for this Body Glove Surge Energy Gel in Chocolate, but if you want an easy way to get an energy boost in, this is perfect for on the go. Personally, it’s a consistency issue, but it is unique in terms that it’s made from green tea, honey & protein powder.


All in all, I thought this was a pretty unique BuluBox, filled with a variety of interesting items. I wasn’t “in love” with all of the items. I would have preferred something new and exciting instead of the Rootology and Body Glove Surge, but was happy with the Justin’s Peanut Butter and K-PAX Energy. Last month’s box was full of yummy snacks, so I’m guessing they were trying to mix up the food/fitness/health aspects.

What do you think of this month’s Bulu Weight Loss Box? Sign up your own here, and if you use the code BULUGAN782 during checkout, you can get any subscription for 50% off!


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