BuluBox Weight Loss ~ February


My BuluBox has arrived! This cute little orange box is always filled with new and unique products ranging from protein bars and seed packets to pre-workout formulas and vitamins. Best of all, I got it for 50% off and you can too by using my code BULUGAN782!


This month’s box was specially curated by Ali Vincent, author and winner of The Biggest Loser 5!


First up we have Power Crunch Proto Whey UltraBurn in Vanilla Café. This protein powder is nice because the flavor is different from the boring old plain vanilla or chocolate that many boxes include. Plus, it’s low in calories, sugar and carbs, high in protein and has a caffeine complex.


Then we have Chosen Foods Meta Powder Fiber Supplement, which is a proprietary blend of natural, organically produced plant extracts containing Nopal cactus, Agave inulin and Hibiscus flowers. It comes in a convenient stick pack and can be added directly to a bottle of water on the go or a glass of water at home. It has a slightly sweet taste and refreshing taste, and the blend is supposed to help increase beneficial bacterias, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, regulate blood sugar levels, support the immune system and heart and aid weight control and boost your metabolism.


Next we have a Fruit Chia Bar in Blueberry Blast! It’s kind of like a combination of a fruit leather and chia jelly, as it’s a fruity bar with more of a gummy texure.  Made with 1040mg Omega-3’s, it’s healthy, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO! 


Next we have a Cranberry SoyJoy Bar. I always try to give them a chance, but the texture is too awkward and cardboard-like for me to enjoy, and the flavor is okay, but nothing phenomenal. I always pass them off to my friends who seem to enjoy them.


Finally, we have The Good Bean Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas. I usually make my own roasted chickpeas by baking them in a mixture of oil and spices (either a garlicy-spicy blend or a cinnamon-sugar blend) and enjoy them. So, this is a nice little snack for when you’re on the go (or if I haven’t had time to make them myself). I would definitely like to try them in other flavors!


All in all, my Bulu Weight Loss Box was pretty positive and enticing. Perhaps, it’s because this month was very food-focused, with granola bars, protein powder and healthy snack alternatives. While I did not enjoy the SoyJoy Bar, I definitely liked trying the Power Crunch Whey and Blueberry Chia Bar!

What do you think about this month’s BuluBoxSign up for your own here and don’t forget to use promo code BULUGAN782 for 50% off any subscription!


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