GlossyBox ~ March


My GlossyBox has arrived, and I saw a few spoilers so I was excited to see my bonus Alex + Ani bracelet!


As usual, they have great presentation: the re-usable light pink box, black tissue paper, ribbon and stickers, all tied up like a present.


There are always a few varieties in terms of what you’ll receive and so I was pleasantly surprised with some items and colors, and a little bummed out about ANOTHER repeat item.


First up, we have a Sisley Masque Creme a la Rose Noire (Black Cream Rose Mask) Apparently a 2.1 oz bottle is $158, so this .38 oz bottle would be around $28, woah!. This mask is rich in active anti-aging ingredients such as black rose, padina pavonica, and alkekengi calyx extracts and helps to reduce signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking youthful and energized.


I’m disappointed in GlossyBox because I already received this same exact Nails Inc brand and color nail polish in my July 2013 Box, so I guess I’ll have to gift it. I would have preferred the pretty pink-coral shade Brook Street instead of this royal blue repeat shade called Baker Street.


I am so excited over this Alex + Ani bracelet! First off, I lucked out because they sent me a silver one (which matches my current ones) and the swan charm is so cute. These bracelets range from $24+ so it was a nice bonus item to receive. The Alex + Ani Scent 7 Hand Cream I was a little less than excited to get, just because the scent isn’t totally my style. I’m sure I’ll use it or gift it, but regardless, I’m ecstatic over the bracelet. 🙂


Bamboo Plumping Strand Expand is an interesting haircare product. It’s a lightweight lotion that instantly plumps every strand, and infuses hair with moisture and nutrients, plus it has Color Hold technology for color retention.


The final item is a gentle and moisturizing exfoliator for the lip area called Etre Belle Liplift Peel. It gently removes dead cells and refines the surface skin. I’ve used a few products like this before and hope this one maintains smoothness and softness so I can easily apply lipstick.


All in all, this GlossyBox wasn’t a homerun, but it wasn’t terrible. I was disappointed that I received a duplicate item again (the Nails Inc. polish) and that the Alex + Ani Lotion just isn’t my style, however I LOVE the Alex + Ani Bracelet and Rose Facial Mask. I’m really hoping that next month’s box includes more makeup products in Spring colors.

What do you think about this month’s GlossyBox? Sign up for your own here!



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