Birchbox ~ February (UsWeekly Collaboration)


This month, Birchbox teamed up with UsWeekly for a collaboration box filled with some of their favorite products. I recently posted a spoiler post here that showed some of the brands and items that could be included. Somehow I got lucky and got my box before others and before the items were even listed up on the website!


As usually, I cut open the outside packaging to reveal the little cardboard box. The time, the inside of the Birchbox has an UsWeekly pattern on it, showing the collaboration again.


The theme this month is Step and Repeat, and gave off a movie-star vibe.


Now, are you ready for the good stuff!?


First up we have an Agave Oil Treatment, which I’ve actually received and tested out as it came as a freebie from a Sephora Haul last year. I love using argan and other natural oils (coconut, walnut, etc) on my hair and face and so I will definitely find use from this. I’m a little bit disappointed because I’ve gotten this as a freebie before (so paying for it is kinda like ‘eh, well ok’) but it definitely is worth trying out.


I am a huge Benefit fan and so I was happy to see this sample of Benefit Fake-Up,  a hydrating crease-control concealer, packed with Vitamin E & apple seed extract. It’s supposed to help hides dark circles and imperfections & diffuses fine lines. I’ve found that these deluxe-samples often last a decent amount of time too.


Next we have this mini OPI Tinted Top Coat in Be Magentale With Me. Unlike a normal clear top coat, this color-tinted top coat helps transform the appearance of your polish, whether the sheer tints are worn alone, applied over other colors, or layered for an ombré effect. I can’t see myself wearing it alone, but perhaps over a white, pink or red polish for added shine and color.


I’ve heard great things about the brand Dr. Brandt and so I was definitely pumped to give it a try. This Dr. Brandt Pores No More is a primer that is supposed to reduce your pores and give you smooth, flawless skin/a flawless surface to apply makeup to. I’ve used various pore-refiners and have found I don’t often need them, but would definitely like to try other products from this brand in the future.


The final item (I must have been distracted because I forgot to take a separate picture) happens to be this little green postcard above with a one-time swap of Benefit Big Easy. I’m pretty disappointed that this was the ‘5th item’ Birchbox included, because this simply looks like it could have been torn out of a magazine or handed to me at Sephora. Sorry Birchbox/Benefit but major thumbs down.

Overall, I have mixed feelings on my February Birchbox. I’m really happy to see the high-quality brands that they’ve included, however I have gotten the Agave Hair Oil Treatment for free before, and know that the Benefit Big Easy is also a ‘freebie’ so I feel as though I paid $10 for 3 samples. I am definitely happy about the Benefit Fake Up, Dr. Brandt and OPI, but wish to see larger samples in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Birchbox ~ February (UsWeekly Collaboration)

  1. I’m getting the same box and am totally disappointed in my box! Birch box obviously doesn’t read the profiles you take the time to fill out and has really gotten cheap this month! A really disappointing month for my
    Birch box and I’m almost to the point of canceling!

    • I feel you Nancy… I admitted in the bottom of my post I was kinda iffy about the box- excited for some of the brands but disappointed in the size of some of the samples. Really had my fingers crossed for the Beauty Protector hair product too!

      • Kenzie, I just want you to know that this is not a first with Birchbox. Ever since I have been getting the box back in August there has been something very wrong with every box. I keep trying to give them another chance and it just gets worse every month, I had heard such awesome stuff about them and I have just received the total opposite. That’s is why I am considering quitting. I wouldn’t quit on just one bad box but seven bad boxes in a roll is just too much! The thing is my husbands boxes are awesome and he loves them. Oh well! Just gotta : ) and go to better things!

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