Friday Favorites Roundup ~ January

So each month I post my favorite products from subscription boxes, and so today I have these great items to share with you from my January boxes! These are the winners (well, in my opinion), because they either have phenominal taste, are a unique and unusual item, or just won my heart over.


In no specific order…

#1. GlossyBox – Beauty Blender – This unique tool helps to flawlessly blend foundation in, plus it comes with it’s own cleaner!

#2. Wantable Intimates– Pact Cami – The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this cami is super soft, stretchy and in a great teal color with a bit of lace trim. It’s can be worn as pajamas and loungewear, or tossed under a sweater and worn out.

#3.  UrthBox– Justin’s Classic Almond Butter- Justin’s is such a well-known and highly-popular name, that no matter the flavor or type of nut butter you choose, you know you’re getting great quality. While I prefer the sweetened and flavored ones like Maple and Vanilla, the classic is a nice, not-too-sweet choice, perfect for apples or celery.

#4. Birchbox– Serge Normant Dry Conditioner- This is totally cool and unique! Instead of another dry shampoo, which hides dirty/greasy roots and gives you volume, this spray refreshes day-old-hair with softness and smoothness. I used it on the ends of my hair and it worked really well.

#5. UrthBox– Dark Chocolate Cashews – Holy yum. These are as simple and delicious as they sound- slightly salty cashews coated in rich dark chocolate!

#6. BuluBox– Smarty Pants Gummies- I’ve had another variety of these before (they were sour!) and they blow away any other vitamin or vitamin gummy. They are kinda pricey, so I’m determining whether I can order a full-size of them, but they taste so good you can get the pickiest eater to consume them.

#7. JackedPack – BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder in Peanut Butter Cookie – There really are not words to describe this protein powder blend. I blended frozen bananas + almond milk + this protein powder + ice to make the best shake ever.

#8. Bestowed– Cooggies- These veggie-packed cookies are awesome! I got them in two flavors but have to admit the Double Chocolate Chip are my favorite, and they taste even better dipped in milk!

#9. BlindSurprise – Wine Tumbler To-Go Cup- Definitely HIGH in my rankings as it’s 1. Unique 2. Customized 3. Wine-related. I think every woman should have one of these…

#10. Nature Box –  Zesta Fiesta Mix- To be perfectly honest, I liked most of the mixes I got this month in my Nature Box, but this one stood out the most. It’s a mix of nuts, seeds and crackers, all in a slightly spicy and savory flavor. It’s really addictive!

#11. Birchbox– Nail Rock – I’m still not 100% sold on this in terms of this project just because it’s not really practical and only lasts a few days (before chipping/falling off) but I chose it because its a super cool concept.

#12. Ipsy – (Malin + Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm- Mojito flavored? Lip Gloss? Great brand? Yep, I’m sold. I would love to get more Malin + Goetz Products in the future!

What were your favorites from January!?


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