JackedPack ~ October


Hey all! It’s that time for my workout supplement review of JackedPack! I’ve received a few different workout and health subscription boxes, and JackedPack remains up in my high rankings. This month wasn’t my absolute favorite, but is perfect for trying out pre and intra-workout formulas!


I noticed that they changed up their information card! Instead of it being a little folded booklet, it is now a double-sided postcard. While it lacks the images/main theme (each month they have a workout image and quotes) it still includes all of the product images and information.


Now onto the good stuff!


Scivation Psycho in Apple Asylum flavor is a 3-stage pre-workout formula. Stage 1: “Blow-Up Blend” increases visible vascularity and punctuates muscle pumps, so that Stage 2: “Limitless Muscle Blend” enhances strength, energy, and stamina, as well as assists muscular growth with components like Creatine, Taurine and Beta-Alanine. Finally, Stage 3: “Possessed Cognitive Blend” delivers focus, sustained mental energy. I definitely need to test it out to really see, but it sounds like an intense pre-workout formula.

Xyience Pre-Workout Booster is another energy and muscle pump booster that is supposed to increase muscle endurance, pumps and strengths through an amino acid matrix, creatine monohydrate strength formula, caffeine and glutamine for repairs. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but will definitely give it a try! I hate pre-workouts that make me feel too jittery, and this one is low in caffeine.


Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter is another pre-workout supplement designed to prime the mind and supercharge your body. It claims to have changed workouts with its formula including HydroCarn™ – Beta-alanine HCL, incredible nootropics, and No2 and No3 boosting science. I am definitely a fan of TSN and am intrigued to test this out.

Below that is MRM Reload Muscle Recovery blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, and beta-alanine. These amino acids are great for repairing muscles, helping to regulate the body and overall recovery. I personally use SAA’s a lot, and so I know they have great benefits and can’t wait to test this watermelon-flavored one out.

Next up is Finaflex Max Pump, a sport product that increases endurance and delivers superior muscle pumps. Basically, it combines the energy of a pre-workout formula with the pump/muscle-building efforts of an intraworkout or amino acid blend.

I’ve actually consistently used OxyElitePro. It’s an ultra, advanced thermogenic which you take daily with meals and it not only gives  you energy, but helps to burn fat and calories. It’s not suitable for everyone and I definitely had the jitters for the first few days, but I would recommend it (after testing out) to a workout buff who is serious about losing lbs, toning up and eating healthy too.


Finally, we have Cytosport Monster Intrapower, which is designed to help you power through intense workouts.  Its blend of nutrients and caffeine help provide energy quickly and efficiently, while also pumping and building muscles. It can be taken either pre or intra-workout, thus adding to the many pre-workouts in this months box.


What did you think of this months JackedPack? Personally, I liked some of the brands included, however there were just too many pre-workout samples. 80% of the box were pre-workout samples, or ones that had the option to take pre or intra-workout. I would have preferred getting two less, and in replacement, a protein sample and granola/whey bar. I’m a big fan of variety, and so while it’s great to find the ‘perfect’ pre-workout supplements from these, I’d like for them to mix it up next month.

xo, Kenzie

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