GlossyBox ~ September


It’s that time of the month again… beauty box time! GlossyBox tends to arrive a tad later than the rest, and so I apologize for the delayed post. Anyway, I had my fingers crossed that this month would be better than the last (see here)… and had a few spoilers along the way.


Their theme this month was “All You Need For Fall,” which was appropriate with the season, I always like their packaging and info card each month as they


So, I opened the box up to see the cute information card which had images and descriptions of all the items included. I knew about the full-size Nioxin and BCBG Perfume sample from the get-go, but the other three were nice surprises.


Here’s a look at all the products packed in! I was pleased by the size of the products, but now had to inspect them all to see exactly what was what.


While I don’t ‘need’ this product, I think it could really come in hand! I usually use Pond’s Cold Cream or Pond’s Makeup Remover to get off my water-proof eyeliner and mascara each night, however it comes in a fairly large container. This Oceane Makeup Remover Pen is perfect to either throw in my bag when I go to work, travel or just pack an overnight bag to stay at K’s house for the weekend. Plus, it comes with extra tips so that when you ‘use up’ the first one, you have replacements so you’re not re-smudging black all over your face.


 I have received quite a few Bombshell brand beauty products from previous boxes and am so-so on the brand quality, however I LOVE eyeliner… especially liquid eyeliner pens, as I use them every day. So, I am sold on this Onyx Eyeliner Pen. Enough said.


I am quite picky when it comes to perfumes and so many that are musky, oriental, sugary or just generally overwhelming are often tossed to the side. BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre is not my absolute favorite scent, however I do enjoy spritzing it on once in a while. Plus, it’s a good size to toss in a tote bag or clutch if I need refreshing while I’m away from home.


So it may be hard for you to see exactly what this is, but it’s in fact an Emite Makeup Professional Eyelash Curler. I unfortunately just went out and purchased a new one about 2 weeks ago, and so this will end up in my makeup drawer for a bit until this one gets overused and needs to be tossed. I am happy to see a tool included in this month’s GlossyBox, as those are often fairly pricey items that are used often.


Finally, we have the Nioxin Diamax Thickening Hair Product (full size!) which was in one of my spoiler alerts earlier in the month. I think this product will be great to use by my roots to add some volume before blowdrying, and it looks like it will last a looong time!


So, all in all, this GlossyBox was definitely an upgrade from the past two months. I’m really happy with the size, brand and quality of all of these products and have my fingers crossed that next month will be just as good! Some items I really want include a deep red/plum lipstick, a nail strengthening product, and blemish solution, so perhaps something along those lines will appear!

PLUS: Try using promo code LIP or TARTE at checkout for free products with 3+ month long subscriptions.

xo, Kenzie


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