The Pleasure Pantry ~ September ~ NSFW

DISCLAIMER NOTE: Content NOT Suitable for Family Members, or Viewing at Work!


So this is only my second Pleasure Pantry subscription box, and I was not sure what to expect after my first box, which was a bit more wild than I was expecting. And so, I had my fingers crossed when I opened up this box and saw a few items peeking through. At $29 per month for an on-going subscription, you get the option to chose how adventurous you want to be, and what type of couple you are (boy-girl, girl-girl, bridal, etc).


I really like their postcard that they include on top. They encourage feedback from their customers, plus it’s a cute ‘welcome’ card to have before sorting through the products.


Now onto the good stuff! This theme had an electro-neon vibe going on, from the colors they used to the products included.


So, first up we have these “Play Pens” which are not only brightly colored, but also scented! Their tag line is ‘no mess, just squeeze and play!” and I have to say I’m happy they come in pens. I’ve used ones in jars and all of a sudden your walls and sheets end up blue and purple. These pens come in a 4-pack including the scents/flavors: strawberry, cherry, lime and blueberry! The only thing I didn’t test is whether they glow in the dark or not… hmnm…


To stay in tune with the neon party theme, they included a neon satin mask. I just received a similar mask (simple black silk) in another adult box, and it was super fun to test out, and so I’m sure this one will be as well.


Continuing with the hot pink party theme is well, a neon vibe! Made by the same company as the mask above, Piperdreams, this little finger vibe is a small and playful toy that can be used in the bedroom or easily packed for travel.


Finally, we have Coochy Rash Free Shave Creme. While I thought this was a cool product and definitely useful, it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of everything. I definitely will use it and like it, but I was expecting something like a bottle of massage lotion/oil when I first saw this,


So , here is my entire box by The Pleasure Pantry! I really loved the theme they had going on, the products included and just the general fact that it fit my lifestyle and relationship. I have my hopes high that they keep up the quality and quantity, and continue to surprise customers with items such as these.

xo, Kenzie

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